Georgina Rodríguez

Georgina Rodríguez receives harsh criticism after a photo of her son with a detail that nobody expected

Georgina Rodríguez shared a tender photograph of her children; However, the postcard ended in a shower of strong criticism of the influencer.

Through her Instagram account, Georgina Rodríguez shared the image of her son Mateo of her kissing little Esmeralda, a postcard that shows sibling love, but ended up sparking controversy.
Little Mateo wears a small earring in his left ear, for which he received strong criticism for putting a small earring on a child, since it is not appropriate for a five-year-old.

At that age a child does not decide whether or not he wants to wear earrings. Everything in its own time” or “they don’t even let him be a child and they already put earrings on him. They are 5 years by God ”, are some of the comments that are read in Georgina’s publication.

There were also fans who wanted to come out in defense of Georgina and argue that “if she were a girl, you wouldn’t be saying the same thing.” “What’s wrong with me wearing earrings” or “What determines whether it’s right or wrong for a child to have earrings?

The strict dress code she faces in Saudi Arabia

In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodríguez has become a protagonist after the arrival of the Portuguese footballer in Saudi Arabia; However, the life of the influencer will take a turn in Arab lands.

And it is that, the laws that prevail in the Saudi territory will force Georgina to assume some changes in the way she dresses due to the strict dress code that women assume.

Saudi Arabia is not a friendly country for women. In fact, her strict religious laws could be an obstacle for the relationship of the player and the former Gucci saleswoman, since they have not yet married.

Georgina Rodríguez breaks the silence about her arrival in Saudi Arabia

Among rumors of an alleged separation, derived from the elimination of Portugal in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Georgina Rodríguez broke the silence about her family future after the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia for a new professional challenge.

“Thank you so much Saudi Arabia for such an amazing welcome. We are very excited about this new adventure with Al-Nassr Saudi Club and we would like to thank everyone who made it possible, ”the influencer began to write on her Instagram account.

“I am very grateful to see you Cristiano Ronaldo, super excited and walking hand in hand, in the same direction towards a bright future. Always together with our beautiful family”, assured the couple of the Portuguese soccer player, leaving behind the supposed crisis that points to them.

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