The model went on vacation with her partner to celebrate her 43rd birthday.

Karina Jelinek traveled to Miami to celebrate her 43rd birthday with her girlfriend Flor Parise. The model and her partner took advantage of the sunny days to relax on the beach and take pictures.

Although the model has been in a relationship with Florencia for a long time (although with an impasse last year), she prefers to keep it private, perhaps to protect herself and not be as exposed as she was during her marriage to Leonardo Fariña, which brought her several headaches when he was investigated and imprisoned by Justice for the cause of “the route of money K”.

Last year, Karina was summoned to dance with Kennys Palacios in the salsa de tres of Bailando 2023 and her girlfriend accompanied her to the recording. However, she fled from the cameras and did not want to say anything about her relationship with the model.

“Oh no sorry, I’m really embarrassed, I don’t want to, thank you… Yes, everything is great with Kari. I’m very shy, I don’t like the exposure, I’m going to see her from here, it looks better”, explained Flor.

For her part, Karina acknowledged that her girlfriend is very shy and prefers not to talk. “For me, it’s a pleasure to be with her, she’s a very good person and we have a lot of fun. We have been together for a long time,” she said.

Florencia is mother of Benicio, fruit of her relationship with Gabriel Liñares, while Karina Jelinek dreams of motherhood and does not rule out surrogacy, as did other celebrities such as: Luciana Salazar or Marley.

“Flor already has a child and she will help me and teach me a lot of things because she has already lived them. The arrival of a baby will change the dynamics of the house, although Benicio, Flor’s son, has been coming for several days”, said Jelinek some time ago.

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