“Resistance” recounts Marcel Marceau’s fight to save children during the Second World War

Marcel Marceau will be remembered as being, without a doubt, the greatest mime of the 20th century, an exceptional artist of immense prestige. Besides his countless live performances, he also tried his hand at the cinema and was known all over the planet. but the movie Endurance, Released on Netflix, he recounts a lesser-known aspect of his life.

Born into a Jewish family, Marcel Marceau – whose birth name was Marcel Mangel – faced rejection from those close to him for his artistic inclinations. But as he developed his art, inspired by his idol Charles Chaplin, Hitler’s rise to power and the invasion of France changed his destiny. He and his family suffered Nazi persecution but decided to fight and fight alongside the French Resistance in any way possible.


History will remember him for being part of a group dedicated to saving children from the clutches of Nazism, preventing them from ending up in death camps. The film depicts the brave and dangerous mission he carried out, backed by his talent for entertaining and generating light in orphaned boys in a time of darkness. In the film, he faces one of the worst genocidal Nazis, none other than Klaus Barbie, played by Matthias Schweighöfer.

"Endurance"the new movie with Jesse Eisenberg
“Resistance”, the new film with Jesse Eisenberg

Marcel Marceau is played by Jessie Eisenberg, Clémence Poésy is Emma, ​​​​the resistance fighter who falls in love with Marcel, and Bella Ramsey plays a young Jewish woman, Elsbeth, whose parents were murdered by the Nazis. The film has moments of tension and suspense, since its main plot revolves around the escape of the children led by Marceau, but it is also very moving. One of the most respected men for his art was also honored and honored for his humanism and his commitment to life. Even General Patton himself, played by Ed Harris, recognized Marceau as a true hero.

"Endurance"the new movie with Jesse Eisenberg
“Resistance”, the new film with Jesse Eisenberg

Endurance is now available on Netflix.

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