On day 10 of the Kings League, InfoJobs brought us a lot of excitement. However, ask Gerard Romero about it. His team achieved their first victory in this competition, no less, against one of the league leaders.

Jijantes FC defeated Saiyans FC (1-5), with a hat-trick from their star player, Ivan Perez, who was named the Alchemy MVP of the match. The team, led by Gerard Romero, had already been eliminated from the playoffs, but still had two games to rid themselves of bad feelings and get their first win. Today, that day finally arrived.

After enduring many days of suffering and seeing his team struggle to achieve victory, the reporter enjoyed today’s goals like never before. Their reactions to the match are invaluable since we saw some of their signature “hakas.” We already know this is their personal brand.

A poster which, moreover, generated plethora of reactions on social media, most joking because of what is being said there.

There are even users who have shared other posters of similar establishments.

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