Aston Martin is the team the one everyone is talking about in this start of the season. And rightly so, because the big improvement experienced by the Silverstone team did not go unnoticed. Red Bull knowsand clear there is also AlphaTauri, and while British gossip Fernando Alonso continues to enjoy his well-deserved podium in Bahrain and thinks in what may happen.

Because the season is coming. Because, for the first time since 2012, the Asturian has a car. He has a car that pulls. It runs. Who is reliable. That he was right in his aero decisions and that he seems to be in this positive spiral in which, as we say in football, they have mood with up arrow.

Everything seems to be going well at Aston Martin. With Messages from Sebastian Vettel after Fernando’s podium at Sakhir, and with Norris even see Alonso as a possible world champion, he “new target” is Red Bull. so he said Antonio Lobat In the Youtube of ‘SoyMotor’… in which he also left a possibility that would require them to row against the tide.

“I’m not saying they’re going to bother them…”

Don’t forget who the green team biker is. It’s Mercedes. a Mercedes which, in addition to supplying powertrains, is a manufacturer. He has a team. The one who not so long ago won World Cups and struggled to win them. They want to succeed again… but so far in Bahrain they couldn’t even be the number 1 car of its own engine.

This honor has fallen not Aston Martin, and Lobato talked about what can happen in the future if the situation continues like this.

“When that happens, there are usually problems. I’m not saying they’re going to annoy them. They’re not going to give them anything that isn’t up to par. This can’t happen” of.

But… “but they can give a small engine that goes a little less well”.

“Those downstairs ripped off your stickers”

It’s not that you can’t catch Red Bull anymore, it’s that those on the floor below the building ripped off your stickers,” Lobato told “SoyMotor.”

And sentence: “We said it. There were serious options only in the first ranking of the year and in the first ranking the first car The Mercedes engine is not a Mercedes”.

Alonso, great overtaking from Hamilton

Those of the star give engines to their own team, to Aston Martin, to McLaren and to Williams. So far, none of these teams he had ‘painted their faces’ like Alonso did to Sakhir. And as did Stroll, weighed down by his physical condition, who finished ahead of George Russell.

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