Vanesa Romero's crude goodbye to MasterChef Celebrity 6

Vanesa Romero’s crude goodbye to MasterChef Celebrity

She has not given up at any time despite not mastering the fish. Her determination, not to disappoint her father Amador, Vanesa Romero said yesterday to her participation in the program MasterChef Celebrity 6. The actress is the third expelled after Tamara and Samantha Hudson.

The night began with a time trial in which the contestants had to cook as many flambé dishes as possible to which they added surprise ingredients. In this test they also received a visit from the Italian model Antonia Dell’Atte who joined the chefs to taste the creations.

It was a test that Terelu suffered the most: “I feel like crying,” she kept repeating.

The singer Yotuel executed irregular dishes and abused the fruit. David bustamante got two flambé proposals, but bad ones. Victoria April resorted to crepes and triumphed, half. Ivan Sanchez did a “terribly bad” job.

Vanesa Romero was also irregular. Julian Iantzi abused the quantities. Rapper Arkano was lazy. Miki Nadal covered the record. Juanma Castaño carried correct but forgettable elaborations.

Carmina Barrios didn’t even know the name of most of the products. They were finally Bethlehem Lopez and Eduardo Navarrete, the best and therefore captains of the outdoor test that was going to take them to Cantabria.

The designer formed the blue ensemble with the three ‘golden girls’ (Veronica Forqué, Carmina Barrios and Victoria April), Terelu Campos, Yotuel and David bustamante.

Belén López surrounded herself with the rest, Vanesa Romero, Arkano, Miki Nadal, Julián Iantzi, Ivan Sanchez and Juanma Castaño.

Pepe Rodriguez regretted the plating of the two proposals of the blue team, which, however, was chosen the winner. Because their proposals were rich. The victory thrilled Terelu, motivated by cooking in the land of her late paternal uncle. Bethlehem Lopez, had the small consolation of being chosen as the best of the losing team.

Elimination Test

It was the moment of the elimination test to which the seven components of the red team attended: Bethlehem Lopez, Vanesa Romero, Arkano, Miki Nadal, Julián Iantzi, Ivan Sanchez and Juanma Castaño.

The Asturian sports journalist was the target of all criticism for his attitude in the outdoor test. Victoria April defended him and even offered her “a little kiss on the mouth,” which she rejected first, but then ended up giving.

The final challenge consisted in extracting the bone marrow from the spinal column of a tuna to prepare a broth that would be served alongside a fish. In cooking, the applicants were helped by Angel Leon, to which he resorted Bethlehem Lopez to prepare the program.

The actress, for having been the best among the losers, had the opportunity to distribute the fish among her companions. She took the easiest and awarded the hardest, the saber fish, to Miki Nadal.

The expulsion was between Miki Nadal, Julián Iantzi and Vanesa Romero. Finally it was the actress who fell. But she left “how do you have to leave the places where you have been treated well,” with a smile.

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