Álex González talks for the first time about his relationship with María Pedraza

Álex González talks for the first time about his relationship with María Pedraza

With a smile that shows the great moment he is living, Alex Gonzalez has just presented in Madrid his latest film, ‘We were songs’, a romantic comedy based on Elísabet Benavent’s bilogy ‘We were songs and we will be memories’, which stars with María Valverde and which promises to become one of the premieres of the season.

“I’ve had a great time doing it and I think the public will have a great time,” says the actor to Chance, who plays Leo, the great love of Maca (a character played by María Valverde) who, after ‘destroying him ‘life and when she begins to find her own way and to forget how bad she went after her breakup, she comes back to turn everything upside down.

“It took me a bit not to judge the character, to understand why he does what he does, but hey. I cannot complain, the difficulty here is for María Valverde, it seems easy but it is very difficult and she does a very precise thing in comedy and in dramatic moments, I have learned a lot from María as well. He loves what he does and it has been wonderful,” he says, revealing what he has learned from this project:”Love is wonderful, the engine that moves the world and precisely this film is about a love story”.

A “very real” romantic comedy in which not everything is rosy and that makes us wonder if we believe in second chances. Alex is clear about it and, although “I was going to say no because it is a sensitive issue, beliefs are changing and in reality yes. If something is worthwhile, you have to fight for things ”.

“In my case, for example, it was not worth it, it did not work.” He reveals, without confessing who he is referring to with this unexpected revelation.

Admitting that it is ‘romantic‘, ‘very traditional’ and that “until you love yourself you are not prepared to love other people,” it is inevitable to ask the attractive actor about his love with María Pedraza, with whom this summer he has consolidated his relationship.

Visibly uncomfortable but not holding back a sincere smile, Álex admits that he does not like to see himself in the heartfelt magazines with his girlfriend and throws balls out when talking about his private life.

“You say Maca and Leo’s? I’m very happy to be able to release the movie”, he confesses when we tell him that his was the love story of the summer. “I don’t like to talk about my life, but I’m happy, very happy”, he assures, thus confirming the good time that he lives next to María Pedraza.

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