Dolores Vázquez, to Belén Esteban:

Dolores Vázquez, to Belén Esteban: “They have taken away my dignity”

Belén Esteban has revealed that she has had a telephone conversation with Dolores Vazquez, principally and wrongly accused of the “Wanninkhof case”. The talk took place through a friend of Esteban and served for both to exchange opinions, after the Galician woman broke her silence in a documentary series premiered on Telecinco.

“She doesn’t talk to you how she talks in the documentary about how she lived it”, has begun by saying that of Paracuellos.

“It is a private conversation. It has lasted about 20 minutes. I have spoken more than she. I have found a woman who has told me a phrase that I am going to say because she says it in the documentary. He told me that the only thing they have not taken away is dignity.”

“I have seen her a calm and very serene woman”, Bethlehem explained.

“She is calm, what happens is that it is true that now everything has been turned upside down. His sisters have suffered greatly. One lives in England and one lives here. She lived very well in Mijas. And he had to sell that house to pay the lawyers, the attorneys, and he had to go to Betanzos.”

Belén Esteban did not want to give more details about the talk with Dolores Vázquez, although she did emphasize that “here are two parties talking: Dolores, Alicia, the family, and she sees everything”, she has recalled.

Likewise, she has made it clear that during the conversation they have not talked about Alicia hornos, mother of Rocío Wanninkhof, the young woman murdered in October 1999 near Mijas.

“It is a shame that, due to the bad investigation that took place, another girl, Sonia (Carabantes), had to die. If there had been a good investigation, maybe that death could have been prevented”, she has assured.

“Everything seems wrong to me, but what seems worse to me is that neither the prosecutor, nor the judges, nor the jury, nor the State, nor the minister have had a word of regret, of forgiveness. I find it shameful that this lady has not been compensated with a penny. Not a penny! Has anyone of us had a day of freedom taken away from us? Not me. Many months have been taken away from this lady. I think it is time for someone to apologize.” Belén insisted.

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