Julián Iantzi becomes the last expelled from 'Masterchef Celebrity' with a tearful Terelu Campos

Julián Iantzi becomes the last expelled from ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ with a tearful Terelu Campos

The Navarrese has said goodbye to the stove with a sense of humor and between the tears of his companions

The fifth gala of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 2021 ′ already has its fourth expelled, and this time it is none other than Julián Iantzi. The presenter has done everything in his power to pass the qualifying test, but finally he was unable to finish the dessert he had been ordered, a chocolate cigar.

“It was a disaster”, recognized the protagonist to the three judges, who have valued his effort at all times. A failure in the preparation and in the shape of the cigar are the two reasons that have led the Navarrese to abandon the kitchens of the culinary talent par excellence.

Things did not start well for Julián, since he had to cook a sea bream in the oven and the result of this delicacy was rather negative, to the point that his own colleagues were surprised by his lack of skill as a chef, especially Terelu, whose face spoke for itself.

Although his participation in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ has not been, far from it, the most brilliant, that has not prevented most of his teammates from getting excited after learning that he had been expelled:

“This is the first moment in the one that I’m calm. This has been harder than I thought!”, the presenter slipped without being able to avoid paying his little tribute to his mother, confessing that he recently sent him a video of the program for which she became very happy. Notably Julián’s mother passed away a few months ago during the cooking show recordings.

His friendship with the actor Ivan Sanchez, the tears of Terelu Campos and a Bustamante gratefully concluded a night that the Navarrese will never forget.

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