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Strong 4.9 magnitude earthquake shook eastern Colombia

The Colombian Geological Service reported a telluric event on the night of Monday, October 11, in Mesa de los Santos, Santander department.

The earthquake occurred in the municipality of Mesa de los Santos, at 11:51 pm . in which another event was previously felt, in the afternoon, of 3.5.

According to the Colombian Geological Service bulletin: the event had a magnitude of 4.9 and a depth of 155 km, in Mesa de los Santos.

The occurrence of the event late at night generated panic episodes on the part of the citizens, but at the moment there are no reports of damage to the infrastructure in Bucaramanga, Medellín and Bogotá, in the latter, the earthquake was felt in buildings in the city .

Subsequently, social media users reported aftershocks in the departments of Antioquia , Boyacá , Cundinamarca and in the Special District of Bogotá after midnight.

Although it is not possible to predict when, where and how an earthquake will develop, the National Unit for Risk Management has released a series of recommendations that allow reducing the dangers and acting in a timely manner in an emergency .

– According to the agency, ” the key is to remain calm, this will allow you to act with greater security “, and then seek protection.

– Depending on the type of construction you are in, you must follow certain recommendations. If it is in an earthquake resistant structure , be located near columns, under a desk or in areas demarcated as safe, always away from glass or items that may fall. Whereas if it is an informal building , try to leave immediately and, during your evacuation, keep an eye on your surroundings to identify dangers.

– Never use elevators to evacuate.

– Do not stand under the door frames , as it is not a safe place, the frame helps to dissipate the energy of the earthquake, so it can break and collapse.

– If you are in a wheelchair, stand next to a column or safe place , brake the chair and protect your head with your arms. Make sure that in your place of study and work, they have specific measures to support you in the evacuation.

– If you are in your home and only if possible, open the main door and the rooms , since they could lock and leave you and your family locked up

– If you are on the street, observe your surroundings and find a safe place. Try to stay away from poles and cables . Stay away from the facades because parts of it such as bricks or glass may fall , with caution go to the center of the street, be careful with the vehicles, it is very possible that the drivers do not find the earthquake felt.

– If you are in a public place such as a theater or cinema, stay in your chair, protect your head with your arms and wait for the earthquake to end, then evacuate.

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