Father’s Day: How to boost your business and increase sales?

Father’s Day: How to boost your business and increase sales?

This special date is considered an excellent opportunity to do business and strengthen ventures to offer the best gift for dad.

This June 19 marks Father’s Day , a significant celebration for the family and also for the business sector, which finds on the date a possibility to increase sales and attract customers. In addition to gathering greater consumption and fluidity in commerce, the campaign allows businesses to implement sales strategies, promote new offers and strengthen customer service channels.

“Festivities such as Father’s Day are crucial to position and make businesses profitable. Faced with a highly competitive market, many businesses should choose to attract their customers based on specialized offers, quality service and innovative structures with digital resources.Thus, finding the best gift for dad should become a satisfying and comfortable experience for customers,” said Renzo León-Velarde, general manager of Digiflow , a digital transformation company of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) , who presents four steps to promote entrepreneurship taking advantage of this holiday.


These digital spaces will promote the promotion, advertising and marketing of your business. Through one-to-one contact , which will allow you to demonstrate to customers that their value and needs are unique.

Likewise, these networks or fanpages will provide a highly personalized value offer and continuous contact with users, which in turn will serve to refine the offer and service. It is advisable to prepare and share a digital network plan and attractive communication pieces for your clients, both in content and visually.


Offering quality and style in the merchandise of the business is one of the most outstanding points when providing a service. According to market demand, it offers unique and special products that attract for their good taste and utility. The personalization of the service will improve the experience of your client. For this year, many businesses will take advantage of soccer events to expand their offer and service.


It is important for the entrepreneur to be aware of the stock he will need for his campaign, without going overboard, as this would result in a loss of money and productivity. Likewise, it is recommended that the campaign be planned in advance, so that it can analyze the seasonality of the products, as well as organize the business more efficiently, from the choice of what will be sold to the logistics planning.


Having a digitization system will not only allow your business to be formal and regular, but it will also allow you to control inventories and sales, provide you with frequent service reports and organize a complete database, which directly builds customer loyalty. your customers.

In this sense, there is technology with innovative processes for the easy and safe adaptation of tools in terms of issuing electronic invoices for enterprises. This will reinforce business benefits such as the optimization of time, money and resources, as well as multifunctionality in commercial management and tax security.

In that sense, Father’s Day represents a successful date in the commercial calendar. Thousands of companies await this date to boost their sales and become strategic allies of users, who are already looking for the best gift. It is essential that digital and technological structures be registered in the business plan to promote the thousands of ventures in the country.

Likewise, consumers take advantage of this holiday to hunt for the best offers and promotions in the categories of fashion, accessories, sports, fragrances, dinners, liquors and technology.