Do you want to increase your customer base this 2024 and also get repeat customers? In this article we bring you the strategies to attract and retain customers that can bring you the best results this year so that you can include them in your marketing strategy.

Don’t forget that customer acquisition strategies are just as important as customer loyalty strategies for a company’s success. Complementing them will be the key to the prosperity of your business, because, on the one hand, customer acquisition is crucial to increase sales and stay competitive, and loyalty is very useful to reduce costs, increase profits and strengthen business reputation. Let’s get started!

1. Rely on People-Led Marketing for customer acquisition and retention

People-Led Marketing is a methodology that we have developed at Globe Live Media and that we have put into practice with some of our clients with great success.

People-Led Marketing is a strategy focused on responding to the needs of each client using the marketing trends of the moment and always putting people at the center of communication. The objectives of this methodology are: to improve brand visibility, boost the reach of its actions and enhance conversions.

Specifically, the People-Led Marketing strategy revolves around 4 main axes:

Content: it is necessary to produce a large volume of quality content in different formats to capture the attention of customers and promote brand recognition.

Data: it is important to record and store as much data as possible generated by customer interactions with our brand. This allows us to identify patterns that will help us to better detect the needs of our target audience and, in turn, to perform a better segmentation and greater personalization in communication.

Technology: the third leg of People-Led Marketing consists of using tools that support and facilitate our actions, such as automation and integration tools, among others.

Media: finally, it is necessary to choose the right channels to disseminate content (both organic and paid) so that they have the widest possible reach and generate as many interactions as possible.

Mistol and Tenn are two of the brands with which we have implemented People-Led Marketing with great results. I encourage you to learn about their success stories and see what this strategy can do for your company.

2. Practice value-based selling

Value-based sales are those in which the selling teams guide the customer at all times throughout the sales cycle being a kind of guide for him.

In this strategy that puts customers at the center, sales teams are tasked with providing leads with as much information as possible so that they can make the best decision for their circumstances.

Unlike more traditional sales methodologies, value-based sales avoid pressuring the customer to buy or spend money and treat them in a more mature way. In 2024, consumers are tired of companies seeing them simply as a figure to get money out of and are looking for a different way to treat them. That is why value-based selling has proven to be so effective these days in customer acquisition strategies.

The basics of value-based selling are:

Speak to the customer with sincerity and do not recommend something that we would not do ourselves.

Give examples based on your own experience.

Adopt a more educational communication and do not put the product at the center of the message.

Talk about your product or service at the end of the speech and do not launch sales pitches in haste when the customer is not yet ready.

3. Implement an allbound strategy

Allbound marketing and sales strategies integrate both outbound marketing and inbound marketing techniques to attract and retain customers.

Outbound marketing or traditional marketing is characterized by the implementation of very direct actions to attract and retain customers. In this sense, we find cold calls or billboards, among others.

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, is based on providing valuable information in a more indirect and organic way.

At first, outbound marketing was the star strategy used by brands to attract and retain customers (now in the minority). Then, inbound marketing was imposed, which is still widely used. Later, however, allbound strategies emerged to take the best of both worlds and achieve better results in customer acquisition and loyalty.

Both outbound and inbound strategies have their benefits:

Outbound marketing and sales strategies are ideal to speed up ROI (return on investment) and to know more quickly if the actions that have been implemented are effective.

Inbound marketing and sales strategies, on the other hand, allow the company to achieve a high level of authority within its sector, as well as to build customer loyalty with greater success and not to depend so much on paid channels.

4. Betting on advanced content generation to attract and retain customers

Advanced content generation is based on relying on Artificial Intelligence tools or tools with this technology incorporated to generate content of all kinds.

In 2024, AI tools are going to experience a lot of improvements that will make them even more useful for companies. Text, video, music, images… AI tools can help us create content in all formats. And not only that, they are also an interesting source to consult if we want to get inspiration or ideas on how to attract customers or build customer loyalty.

In short, in 2024, any content creator or strategist who does not use AI in their work will be limiting their potential.

5. Try new advertising formats

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, X Ads, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads… All the advertising tools of the different online platforms launch new formats or advertising functionalities every year. And the best recommendation we can give you if you want to be at the forefront of your industry and enhance your strategies to attract customers and build customer loyalty is to keep abreast of their latest developments.

For example, this 2024 Facebook Ads has launched its full screen videos with new commands. And Google Ads has implemented real models so that users can see how clothes look on bodies similar to their own.

Following ad agency blogs or online marketing magazines is a good way to stay informed about what’s new and not miss anything. So we recommend that you subscribe to the one that interests you the most or follow its publications closely.

6. Go for gamification, one of the best ideas for attracting customers in 2024

Gamification is a marketing strategy that consists of introducing dynamics and game mechanics in the different contents and actions that the company generates to make them more attractive to the user.

Including gamification elements in our actions causes users to be more receptive and increases the chances of response on their part.

Using quizzes in Instagram Stories is a form of marketing gamification that makes user interaction with the brand more fun and interesting.

Another example can be the different mini-games that Google develops on special occasions in its search engine.

The idea is that you analyze your target audience and establish the purpose you want to achieve with your gamification strategy to choose the best option.

7. Measure the satisfaction of your customers with the NPS

The Net Promoter Score is a very interesting metric to measure customer satisfaction and to know if our customer loyalty strategies need any changes. Specifically, the NPS analyzes the probability that a customer will recommend your brand.

To calculate the NPS, we first need to know how many of our customers are promoters (they would recommend the brand) and how many are detractors (they would not recommend it), ignoring those who are passive customers or are undecided. One way to find out is to ask users directly through a survey.

Once we have the percentage, for example 40% of the respondents are detractors and 50% are promoters, we would subtract 50-40, which would give a total of 10.

The maximum NPS is always 100 and the minimum NPS is always -100. Therefore, any NPS above 0 would be positive and a good sign for the company. And in the case of being higher than 50, it would be a sign that things are going very well.

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