This June there will be a new astronomical event, with the natural phenomenon called Strawberry Supermoon, which gets its name from being the closest full moon to the earth that appears just when the planting of this fruit is taking place in a good way. But it is not only the show in the sky, but also, for the believers of horoscopes, it will also influence the zodiac sign of each person.

The show that will be in the sky on June 14, 2022 will be starred again by our natural satellite, with the phenomenon called Strawberry Supermoon, which always occurs in June, has some effects on zodiacal signs, according to belief, but also It is one of the moments in which this body is closest to the earth.

How will the Strawberry Supermoon influence your zodiac sign?


The Strawberry Supermoon will illuminate your interior, that is, aspects of your subconscious will be temporarily exposed to shed light on your life mission. Aries, your intuition will expand to receive a powerful revelation.


The Strawberry Supermoon will bathe you in its rosy light. With its orbit closer than ever to Earth, on a psychomagical level, its spell will invite you to explore the spiritual aspects.


Under the influence of the Full Strawberry Moon, your verbal fluency acquires overtones of poetry. Those who listen to you will be enthralled. Just like two lovers contemplating a night. Gemini beware, before the queen of the night your air element will become colder than necessary.


On the Strawberry Moon evening, the satellite will pass through your skin to stir your internal waters: the field of emotions. You are the great lover of the Zodiac. Sometimes you hide behind your shyness. The day of the Supermoon will give you security to unfold your feelings, you will demonstrate the sensuality of flowers.


The Leo archetype as pack keeper couldn’t be more accurate. The Supermoon will inspire your brave and authoritarian facet. You would do anything to protect your loved ones, even if you show your teeth sometimes, you are a loyal and compassionate being.


The Strawberry Moon offers you a paradigm shift, it brings you closer to superconsciousness. You are critical and quite conventional. Quick to identify the speck in someone else’s eye, you have a hard time seeing the beam in your own. The Supermoon evening will give you the power of mental clarity to break down your limiting beliefs. Avoid judging others. The Full Strawberry Moon occurs when the star is closest to Earth.


Libra, your curious nature will be fascinated by the beauty and brilliance of the Strawberry Supermoon. You will be genuinely moved. Use their inspiration for the development of your artistic qualities, whatever their expression. You are refined and elegant. Badly aspected, your character becomes frivolous. Watch out, Libra. The Supermoon will be your mirror, you may not like what you see.


The full moon terrifies you. The beautiful Astro confronts you with your anxieties. It’s okay, Scorpio. No one can force you to face your fears if you don’t feel prepared. Only you really know yourself. On the evening of the Supermoon in Sagittarius, seek comfort in the tangible. Enjoy a nice dinner and hide under the covers. You have to know that you cannot always function in “survival mode”. You must face your reality.


The Strawberry Moon will bring out your natural glow. You are the explorer of the Zodiac, adventurer and entrepreneur like no other. You move like a globetrotter spreading good vibes and positivity. Intuition leads you to know perfect places and the right people, the universe rewards the brave.


You hate any event that shakes up your routine. In the astrological event you will not be able to escape the influence of the Strawberry Supermoon. Your working days are hard, because you demand more of yourself than necessary. As a Sign ruled by the earth, your blood is hot and you are easily confused. On the night of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you could take the opportunity to cleanse your aura with a Moon bath. You just have to go out on the balcony. Its cold energy will calm your nerves, Capricorn.


Take a deep breath and connect with yourself. Under the influence of Gemini season, your instability has been increasing. It’s hard to stay around you. You enjoy being the opposite. On the evening of the Supermoon your emotions could be altered by the Moon. It is a propitious moment to reflect in solitude.


Your eyes reflect pure goodness, you are a divine being. You are moved by love towards your fellow men and service to others, protect your heart. The Strawberry Moon will stir your emotions, you must be strong if you want to dedicate yourself to helping others.

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