Yaiza has to be evacuated by medical services in ‘Survivors’ and leaves her colleagues worried

Yaiza has to be evacuated by medical services in ‘Survivors’ and leaves her colleagues worried

At this point, few can doubt that survivors be an extreme reality. Competitors go through many calamities that affect their health. Aldon’s Gem He had to leave this edition after being injured during an event and the medical services have already had to intervene on several occasions.

The last, to evacuate yaiza martin of the Lion’s Head. After catching a good fish, he got out of the water and started to feel bad. The low water temperatures must have taken a toll on him and he felt his legs going numb.

Her companions laid her on a rock and turned her on her side in case she vomited. While she he kept shaking and was unable to answer his companions’ questions. They had to lift her together to put her in the boat that would take her to the medical ward.

gined he was abandoned on the beach. “Everything will be fine, you’ll see,” he told her. Diego to try to calm him down. “I’m not calm,” he assured, “it’s just had a bad time, it’s just had a really bad time over there in Spain. They’re attacking it all the way , the poor thing. And everything is linked.”

But Yaiza returned to the beach and Ginés took her out of the boat in his arms. “There you made her cry, on the shoreDiego informed him. And when it seemed that everything was better, during a walk along the shore, he again felt dizzy.

Ginés asked Diego to go get a blanket because Yaiza was starting to shake again. They wrapped her up and gave her something to drink while all her classmates were worried about her. Again they had to evacuate it afterwards, according to his companions, he had convulsed.


“The first thing we have to say is, calm down because it’s restored. It’s fine, it’s normal. He had low blood pressure. That, the hunger, the heat, have takes its toll on him,” he said. Carlos Sobera.

A difficult moment, certainly, that part of the public does not quite believe it and it is that Yaiza, in a very short time, she has managed to earn such an antipathy that many are no longer able to sympathize with her.

We’ll see if this Thursday gets kicked out.

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