This subgenre which developed within the framework of erotic fiction has more and more followers in its ranks.

He BL It’s one of the fastest growing genres in the anime and manga industry in recent years, with exponents such as “Sasaki to Miyano“oh”Givenbeing the most recent to achieve international fame. But there is a subgenre that takes the whole concept of BL one step further, to a step above all more sexual, and it was called “Omegaverse”.

What is the Omegaverse

The main characteristics to consider when talking about the “Omegaverse” are:

  • At its core, the Omegaverse should be viewed as a subgenre of erotic fiction. Also named as A/B/Oit is important to take into account that the latter refers more to the sexual dynamics of the characters, whereas Omegaverse as such deals with the development of a new ideological world (in any case, A/B/O is much less used because it can also be understood as an insult to Australian Aborigines).
  • The greatest of its qualities is that which divides society into dominance hierarchies, which respond to the characteristics of ‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’ and ‘Omega’.
The Omegaverse, a literary universe that has been unleashed on the Internet
  • Dominant individuals in society are those who stand out as Alpha. Individuals in the “neutral” hierarchy are those who respond to Betaand finally those which present a distinctly submissive character are those which are distinguished as Omega.
  • Another feature of the essential knowledge of the Omegaverse is that which endows its characters with a traditional gender and a secondary (sexual) dynamic. This means that there is both a male and a female sex, but during puberty a secondary dynamic is awakened, which is that which responds to the qualities of Alpha, Beta and Omega (and, of all way, most stories involve characters). male). This makes in the Omegaverse, a male character can become pregnant, depending on their secondary dynamics. As? Pay attention.

The Alpha, Beta, and Omega Individuals of the Omegaverse and Their Qualities

Then I will point out the qualities that distinguish Alpha, Beta and Omega individuals in the “Omegaverse” universe, because in the end it is the relationship of the dynamics between them that really gives wings to the genre:

  • The bone Alpha they are athletically exceptional characters, with a commanding nature. They are considered natural leaders and have a temper that makes them very intense. The Alpha Male He only has male genitalia, while the female can have both male and female genitalia..
  • According to the story, the Beta They can be presented as normal human characters, nothing special, or sometimes as a combination of Alpha and Omega characteristics. Beta male and female only respond to birth genitals.
  • The bone Omega They are quiet, calm, and submissive characters, and they seek peace above all else. THE Male omegas can have both male and female genitalia, while female omegas can only have their own gender..
reproductive system
Visual diagram of reproductive systems in male and female alphas and omega

Typical qualities of an Omegaverse story

Beyond the presence of Alpha, Beta and Omega characters and the pregnancy capacity of each other, These are elements that are also generally very characteristic from a typical “Omegaverse” story:

  • Omegaverse stories use canine or animal instincts to reproduce behaviors in the sexual sphere.
  • It is not uncommon to encounter phases where pheromones give rise to situations of jealousy, or trigger mating cycles between characters. The attraction between Alpha and Omega is common, again, with the male context as the most popular and widely used basis today.
  • Male Omegas are one of the keys to the Omegaverse, as it is through a uterus connected to the rectum that allows the phases of pregnancy why relationships with Alpha Hierarchy characters end up making sense.
  • The Omegaverse has a fantastic high component where even (precisely) fantastic creatures are presented or even social rank systems in which the figure of the Alpha becomes even more dominant than usual. As a derivative of this, there is a “darker” part of the Omegaverse that sometimes leads to non-consensual relationships or even tales of sexual slavery.

The Pon Farr and Star Trek: Origins of the Omegaverse

It seems impossible, but yes: the origin of the “Omegaverse” can be traced back to the science fiction universe of a series as iconic as “Star Trek”. How is it possible?

  • As surprising as it may seem, the origin of the Omegaverse lies in fanfictions born in the 1960s following the Star Trek series.
  • In particular, the Omegaverse drinks po farra cycle in which red vulcan males must either mate or eventually die. At the time, most fiction involved the characters of Kirk and Spock.
  • Another obvious influence is the novel’The Left Hand of Darkness’, by Ursula K. Le Guin. In this story, we are presented with a androgynous alien, hermaphrodite and with different mating cycles.
omegaverse star trek
Literally the father of the Omegaverse, as hard as that sounds
  • If we go back in time, the series Supernatural it is the strongest contemporary foundation of the Omegaverse. Mid-2010 it was released a first job at LiveJournala community dedicated to the above that, while it hasn’t explicitly used the Omegaverse’s sexual hierarchies, it has completed describing many character traits which will later be adapted to the subgenre.
  • It was already for 2011 that, with the presence of more similar works and the Alpha, Beta and Omega Labels Already present, the Omegaverse was beginning to become a well-known subgenre of erotic fantasy on the Internet. Besides, other well-known franchises that were used to create Omegaverse-like stories were as follows:
    • sherlock
    • x-men
    • Hannibal
    • Teen Wolf
    • Joy
    • Doctor Who
    • The Avengers

A genre hated and loved in equal parts

Obviously, due to the concepts and basics of the “Omegaverse”, it is a genre that is involved in a huge controversy. Discussions generally revolve around the following topics:

  • For many, stories from the Omegaverse go beyond gender rolesand allow us to glimpse a type of relationship where only the characters count as such.
  • For others, the stories of the Omegaverse are just disgustingand it’s an excuse to be able to release the nastiest and sickest sex stories as far as the human imagination can reach.
  • The discussion is not only between fans and non-fans, but also there are researchers like Milena Popova, Laura Campillo Arnaiz or Angie Fazekas who have made their own case on more than one occasion about the reality of Omegaverse dynamics and relationships. One thing seems clear: it is difficult for everyone to agree on this.

How popular is the Omegaverse and its best-known works

  • By 2020, more than 70,000 Omegaverse novels published on the ‘Archive of Our Own’ Fanfic site.
  • Similarly, in June 2020, they came to find nearly 200 novels available on Amazon.

Kirai of Isasete

This story explores the trauma of Naoto, an Omega who is raped by a gang of Alphas until they impregnate him. Also comes into play is Hazuki, an Alpha who accepts Naoto for all he is and what happened to him. However, just when life between the two (and Naoto’s daughter) seems to start working out, someone from Naoto’s past appears…

rent a seat
Portada de Kirai de Isasete

Megumi in Tsugumi

Megumi is an alpha boy who discovers that his friends have been assaulted by a sharp-eyed boy, masked and armed with a metal tube, and decides to confront him… But Tsugumi is an omega who hates all alphas who only see their species as mere means of reproduction.. The manga is available from Norma Cómics.

megumi and tsugumi
Official cover of Megumi and Tsugumi

Okusama wa Alpha

This story introduces a twist to the concept of the “Omegaverse”: both protagonists are Alphas. In this way, they must come to an agreement to ensure that a relationship that started mainly due to family interests, eventually comes to fruition as feelings blossom.

okusama wa alpha
Official Portada of Okusama wa Alpha

Ou-sama at Puppy Love

This story presents an Omega disinterested in love and an Alpha who comes from a country where there are no Omegas, so it is really difficult for him to clearly distinguish the secondary dynamics that surround him. However, the force of fate will cause these two characters, confused in their situation, to inevitably end up getting closer to each other.

ou sama to the love of puppies
Ou-sama at the official homepage of Puppy Love

Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono

A story of strong sexual tension in which the captains of the judo and karate teams are involved. Because what begins as a competition between the two to see which club is better, ends in much more than just a relationship of rivalry.

omae no
Official Portada of Omae no Koi wa Ore no Mono

Where to read Omegaverse

It’s hard enough to read “Omegaverse” with the ease of other literary genres, but Some of the recommendations I can make son:

  • Archives of our own. It’s one of the biggest fanfic sites in the world and it has many different Omegaverse stories (albeit in English).
  • Standard comics. The publisher has at its disposal Megumi and Tsugumi, one of the few Omegaverse works to have been officially authorized.
  • Amazon. On Amazon, you can find a few other licensed works for purchase on the Omegaverse.
  • Web Internet. It’s the reality: you’ll find most of the Omegaverse on random websites on the internet, so if you’re interested, the best thing to do is surf the net.

And that’s all I can tell you about the Omegaverse, one of the most controversial and controversial subgenres in literature that has risen to fame in recent years. Because the reality is that the main point of contention in their work is which establishes discussions between how it explores people’s sexual and personal freedom… and that it’s an endless well for fictional porn.

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