Explosion of joy from the two rescued this week in ‘Survivors’ in front of a burst

Explosion of joy from the two rescued this week in ‘Survivors’ in front of a burst

This week there were five nominees in survivors. Arelys Ramos y yaiza martin They were punished by the organization which appointed them in a disciplinary way after they got carried away in one of their discussions. joined Adara Miller, Asraf Beno, rachel arias y Manuel Cortes.

This Tuesday we experienced a new ceremony of salvation. Yaiza and Arelys didn’t even get a chance to board the ship of salvation. Both candidates were left on the ground in a disciplinary manner.

The other four climbed up to the boat from where two would be rescued by the public and two would fall into the water. The first to do so was Raquel Arias. Laura Madrueno he cut his rope.

The two friends remained, Adara and Asraf, and their great enemy, Manuel. Two sides very well defined. The public sided with one of them.

After Raquel reached the shore to be hugged by her fellow nominees, Laura continued the rescue ritual. The tension was evident.

two saved

“Viewers of Survivors 2023 They’ve decided that the person who should continue to be nominated is: Manuel,” Laura said after giving them a little pain. Asraf’s cry of joy should have been heard all over Honduras.

Adara and Asraf hugged each other to celebrate their great victory in this salute. “Oh my God, I don’t want to get intense Carlos because you always tell me, but I can’t help it: thank you, thank you and thank you. It’s a very hard, very, very hard experience, but that’s what makes it incredibly beautiful.. I carry you in my heart with me,” Adara said excitedly once again.

“I don’t know why you’re using the microphone, if you don’t need it,” he told her. Carlos Sobera before the outpouring of his gratitude. Joy shared with Asraf who had never been saved until now.

“Carlos, really, I’m freaking out. Thank you all for taking a minute of your time to vote for me. I’m so grateful. Feeling the love from all over the world… I love you, I’m so grateful . I give everything every day to be a better survivor“, said the boyfriend of A Pantoja.

gesture criticized

Faced with the joy of the two saved was the anger of Manuel Cortés who, while his companions were enjoying their moment, he he turned around so as not to see them. A gesture that has been widely criticized on social networks.

We’ll see if he ends up being sent off this Thursday.

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