Weather in Miami: the weather for this 4th of July

Weather in Miami: the weather for this 4th of July

Before you leave home, know the weather forecast in the American city of Miami for the following hours today Monday. The probability of precipitation for this Monday in Miami it is 55% during the day and 42% throughout the night. Meanwhile, the cloud cover will be 47% during the day and 45% during the night.

As to the temperature a maximum of 32 degrees and a minimum of 27 degrees are forecast in this American region. UV rays are expected to reach a level of up to 11. While the wind gusts will reach 44 kilometers per hour in the day and 33 kilometers per hour at night. Miami is one of the most important cities in the United States, it is located south of Florida, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate in this American city is mainly tropical, with the monsoon subtype that is, it registers high temperatures throughout the year, with a small dry season and a predominantly rainy season. July is when the higher temperatures while January is when the frosts arrive.

The heaviest rainfall in Miami they occur during the summer, while the dry season it arrives in winter. Due to its geographical location, Miami constantly suffers from hurricanes whose season regularly runs from June to November.

United States: almost all climates in one country

Being a large country, the United States records from a wide variety of climates, almost all. On the east side of the United States Two main climates predominate: the humid subtropical and the humid continental.

In the American Northeast The most predominant climate is humid mainland which is characterized by constant rains throughout the year that turn into storms during the summer and snowfall throughout the winter. In the southeastern United States the prevailing weather is subtropical wetland It has hot summers, cool winters and abundant rainfall.

From the American West Side there are at least three major predominant climates: semi-arid, arid and Mediterranean.

The semi-arid climate, in its cold subtype covers the most central part of the western and north-south United Statesis characterized by low rainfall and low temperatures. In the southwestern United States is where it is present arid climate, both in its cold and warm subtype. In the cold arid, the winters are freezing and the summers are mild, while in the hot arid, the summer registers extremely high temperatures and in the winter the weather is mild. In both cases rainfall is scarce.

The Mediterranean climate registers in the most coastal area of ​​the American West, from north to south and is characterized by its mild and rainy winters, plus its dry and hot summers.

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