Fallout New Vegas, a fan made video tries to imagine its remake

Fallout New Vegas, a fan made video tries to imagine its remake

A user’s concept trailer arrives on Unreal Engine 5

The user TeaserPlay it is truly unstoppable. After finishing the work on the fan made remake of Call of Duty 2 using Unreal Engine 5immediately went to work to create another remake that fans of the game have been clamoring for some time now: Fallout New Vegas. An initiative that has certainly not gone unnoticed by most and that many are already commenting on on various social networks.

Fallout New Vegas si mostra in concept trailer in Unreal Engine 5

This new project of TeaserPlay takes advantage of the multifaceted tools that have been integrated into the latest version of Unreal Engine trying to recreate the technical, visual and artistic structure of a possible remake of Fallout New Vegas. The YouTuber managed to get the result, which you can see at the bottom of the article, using advanced middleware such as Lumen e Nanites to which a whole series of elements must be added such as, for example: particle effects, modular elements in Quixel photogrammetry lighting systems, etc.

In short, the YouTuber has really thought of everything, leaving nothing to chance. In fact, the project set up by TeaserPlay is really very ambitious and takes advantage of many objects made available by the Marketplace from Epic Store for all those who intend to develop their own project in the environment Unreal Engine.

If you are a lover of this kind of thing, you certainly can’t miss this fan made remake of Fallout New Vegas; then, without much delay, we leave you to watch the aforementioned video.

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