Summer Games Done Quick 2022:  million raised for charity

Summer Games Done Quick 2022: $3 million raised for charity

The Summer Games Done Quick 2022 ended with over $3 million raised.

Video games attract very large and very dedicated communities, it must be recognized. And regularly, large-scale events make it possible to take the full measure of the situation. This week took place on Summer Games Done Quick 2022. The opportunity for speedrun specialists to try to break records, under the eyes of fans around the world, to raise funds. And this 2022 edition was once again a great success.

Summer Games Done Quick 2022 a pris fin

For this first face-to-face edition since 2020, the least we can say is that the Summer Games Done Quick hit hard. In the end, more than 3.01 million dollars were collected for the organization Médecins Sans Frontières. Some of the best speedrunners in the world have found themselves in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA to complete very different games, like Doom Eternal, Tunic, and Control. Over the seven days of this 2022 edition, Games Done Quick received more than 42,000 individual donations.

Over $3 million raised

And if the final sum ultimately remains below the record $3.4 million that the organization raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation during an Awesome Games Done Quick at the beginning of the year, it is more than the 2.9 million dollars obtained during the SGDQ 2021. This year’s event was also marked by the departure of Kasumi “Sumichu” Yogi. For the past eight years, Yogi was the Marketing Director and Head of Business Development at GDQ, helping the organization become what it is today. Games Done Quick’s next female-only collection, Flame Fatales, kicks off August 21. Funds raised will be donated to Malala Fundan organization that advocates for girls’ education.

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