The bone anime followers in Spain we are lucky and it is that he was born AnimeBox, a new platform owned by Selecta Vision. Thanks to her, we have a new window to get closer to the series and films we love so much.

From AnimeBox they got the details of let me test the service for a month on your Sensei subscription. Thanks to this, today I can bring you this article, in which I will tell you about the positive and negative points of the platform.


Cons of AnimeBox

As they say it’s better to receive bad news before good news, here’s what I didn’t like:

  • The truth is I found various failures in the operation of AnimeBoxprobably because he was just born.
    • some are minor thingslike when I put another chapter suddenly it comes out in Catalan or the computer arrow does not hide when I put it in full screen.
    • Others, although much less common, are more serious.. For example, an episode whose picture and sound were misaligned (“ReLIFE”) or an episode missing in the middle of a season (in “Conan, the boy from the future”).
    • Besides, I didn’t get to see the Chibi Theater from “Attack on Titan” because in most of the chapters they were not loading the subtitles.
    • I also missed that, when viewing content in Spanish, automatically skip subtitles when there is relevant text on screen.
  • Apart from these failures, I would say that AnimeBox’s big flaw is that it lacks a lot of Selecta Visión series and movies. (“Sword Art Online”, “Dragon Ball”, “your name”, etc.). In addition, the series available They have few seasons or “Naruto” or “Haikyuu!!”.
  • The number of simultaneous broadcasts is very limited, compared to Crunchyroll or Jonu Media. Also, they have a watermark in one corner which is somewhat distracting.
Haikyuu!!  Shoyo Hinata sad

Good points of AnimeBox

The platform also has very good things:

  • If it is true that some content is missing, it is also true that in this month of testing I saw how new series and new movies were coming to AnimeBox. Therefore, it seems clear that this shortage will end sooner or later.
  • Undoubtedly, the great strength of AnimeBox is its dubbing. It has all of its content fully dubbed in Spanish, and there are also many in other languages, such as Catalan or Galician. This will no doubt delight those who are more reluctant to watch subtitled anime.
  • It is a joy to see the content with great image quality and dubbing so well done and neathouse brand of select view.
  • Visually, AnimeBox looks pretty good to me.. It’s not that it’s something essential, but it’s always appreciated.
  • Simultaneous broadcasts are few, but it is also true that often they come from big titles that Crunchyroll misses (Like “Oshi no Ko” nowadays, or “Made in Abyss” when it wasn’t called AnimeBox and it was Selecta Visión simulcasts).
  • Besides, that simulcasts are free is a great detail (although in the end it didn’t turn out like that with “Oshi no Ko” and it remains to be seen if the same will happen with other anime in the future).
  • The extras section is a success. Being able to enjoy additional content from certain productions or interviews with people of Makoto Shinkai’s stature is bliss.
  • Also, it’s great be able to enjoy openings and endings without text separately without resorting to Youtube (and thus avoid possible spoilers that usually appear in this video service). Although it is true that there is still a lot to put, and it jumps in the middle next game notice banner is boring.
Time with you Makoto Shinkai

Conclusion: Is it worth subscribing to AnimeBox?

the final, it’s a very personal decisionbecause It depends on the weight you give to the positives and negatives that I am telling you.. I recommand it create a Konnichiwa account (it’s free) and take a look at the platform before deciding. What I can do is tell you about my particular case.

Personally, I will not continue subscribing to AnimeBox for now. And it is that, in my case, the lack of content was final when making this decision. Another aspect that made me go our separate ways is its price. And it is that 80€ per year seems expensive to me (knowing that Crunchyroll costs 65€).

Jonu Play, the platform to consider if you like anime

And here is this article in which I tell you about my experience trying AnimeBox. And you? Are you subscribed to this platform? Thinking of signing up? I invite you to share your case in the comments. Of course, If you have any questions, I can also answer what you want. The Lions!

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