He is one of the most subscribed streamers in the world and his bank account reflects it

auronplay it’s not alone one of the largest and most influential Spanish-speaking content creators, but also one of the oldest. The Catalan started uploading videos to YouTube when the platform was just getting started and within a few years it had already become one of the biggest.

Auronplay confesses how much money he has in the bank

  • For those of you who have lived in a cave, in recent months Auronplay has had to deal with controversies that have even led to it staying out of the spotlight for a while.
  • He’s now back to his regular Twitch streaming regime, but it seems the controversy continues to haunt him.
  • We have always talked about how much youtubers generate for their work, and on this occasion it was Auronplay himself who, by chance, confessed how much money he had.
  • Speaking of how much money you have in GTA, Auronplay confessed which has about 3 million, to which one of the participants jokingly replied: “We told you in the GTA, not in the bank.” Following the joke, Auronplay reacted by adding: “Noooo… In the bank, I have more pussy. If with all I’ve done, I only had 3 million, what the fuck. Don’t fuck with me; It wouldn’t catch up with me.”

The business model of YouTube and Twitch relies on advertising and subscriber donations. Youtubers and streamers receive a share of the advertising revenue generated by their videos and streams, as well as the donations they receive from their followers. While these earnings are not always constant and can vary significantly from month to month, large content creators typically have a relatively high revenue stream all year long.

In any case, the statement auronplay on their financial situation generated an interesting debate about money in the world of youtubers and streamers. Many pointed out that influencer culture has long been based on glitz and follies, leading many young people to believe that Being famous on YouTube or Twitch is synonymous with wealth and success.

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