EL PASO, Texas – US Vice President Kamala Harris plans to visit the US-Mexico border this Friday, June 25, according to a source familiar with her schedule.

The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, will be accompanying Harris on his trip.

The visit was due to the constant pressure that has been exerted for Harris to visit the region and see the conditions that exist on the border for herself.

Her visit is expected to be to the El Paso, Texas community, but it has not been specified whether the vice president will make additional stops.

During Harris’ visit to Guatemala and Mexico in early June, he was asked several times when he would be making a trip to the Mexican border with the United States. She indicated that she was committed to making the trip at some point, but had not set a date until now.

It should be noted that the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, will be visiting the border at the end of June together with other members of the House of Representatives.

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