Pedestrian bridge collapses in Washington DC: there are several injured

Pedestrian bridge collapses in Washington DC: there are several injured

WASHINGTON DC – At least six people were injured after a pedestrian bridge collapsed Wednesday in northeast DC, firefighters said.

The pedestrian bridge is located at Kenilworth Ave & Polk St. NE. A truck was trapped after the fall of the structure and began to squirt fuel onto the highway, authorities said.

Four people were transported to a hospital for treatment and two others were evaluated, according to firefighters. Initially, three minor injuries had been reported.

All lanes on DC-295 were closed, said MATOC, the metropolitan area’s transportation operations agency.

At least one other vehicle was hit by debris.

Images from the scene appear to show that the bridge fell off a nearby staircase. Two cars appear to be under the bridge.

Elements of the firefighters traveled to the scene as well as a team of rescuers.

A traffic jam of several miles was reported on DC-295 after the collapse.

It was not immediately clear what caused the bridge to fall or if someone was walking on the structure at the time.

This is a developing story.

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