Tiago PZK is ready to put aside a stage of his life. The Argentinian posted on Instagram that that same month of March will release three songs then take a long break to recharge the batteries and return to the scene refreshed and wanting more.

This month there are three songs and two with video… After that, I will disappear to reappear as a new Gotti laterthis stage is finally complete,” he shared in his Stories. Apart from that, he added that his intention is “to release a sad (song).”

And said and done. Minutes later, the young man took to TikTok to post a fragment of the urban ballad he has under his arm. “We gave each other time, baby, but there’s no more sand in this clock / Ours was supposed to be a painting, but it was a sketch in the trash / We both wanted to go to the moon, looks like we weren’t ‘t up to it,” reads part of the song.

In the description of the clip, he asked a direct question: “What do we do with this?” And the obvious response, from his followers, was not long in coming. “GET IT OUT NOW,” they replied almost unanimously. For others, the intonation reminded them Pardon, by Nicky Jam and Enrique Iglesias; and until Mermaidfrom Cali and El Dandee.

We still don’t know the title of this single, but it could arrive this week. The topic will be published after Slow, who talks about notoriety and his experience within the music industry; And fertilized, a love letter dedicated to his girlfriend Belen Negri.

But I forgot that, huh, huh
I forgot, eh, eh
I replied to everyone who threw me
And today I’m going out to drink

There are fifteen days left before the end of the month and time is running out: Will you be presenting a song every Friday (March 17, 24 and 31 respectively)? Anyway, we will be careful to tell you about it in our musical news.

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