The water entered houses and restricted vehicle traffic on the main avenues.

One of the main rivers in the city of piura it has just overflowed, putting the northern population on alert, since these waters have caused many homes to be affected by the increase in these currents.

One of the areas most affected by this overflow has been Tambogrande and it is that the force of these waters has destroyed the main bridges, which has caused 9 populated centers to remain completely isolated and in secret.

Families affected by the overflow of piura riverwhich happened in the early hours of the morning, are transferred to the shelters set up by the municipality of Tambogrande and with the support of Serenazgo, they have put their belongings in a safe place, said the spokespersons of this municipality.

“My house was a disaster. I had to leave with my family at 2am when my neighbors sent us the alert. With my daughters and my husband, I managed to get my things out, but only some because others got wet. So far, the mayor has not come to see the damage,” the victim, Jesús Ojeda Carrera, told Correo.


The city manager of the Municipality of PiuraJorge Cabellos, reported that after the river overflowed in the early hours of the morning in the Tambogrande area, aid was allocated to the area.

He also indicated that in the next 10 hours, an increase in the flow of the Piura River is expected due to heavy rains and will reach a record of 1,600 cubic meters per second.

After learning that the piura river it overflowed, several families who are dedicated to raising farm animals, assure that they lost everything, since many of them drowned, losing all their possessions and sources of income.

“We lost several animals because the river surprised us at dawn. Several pigs and birds drowned and the losses are incalculable. We had to run to save them, but we couldn’t with everything. There are quite a few animals and birds that have drowned,” those affected told authorities.


After 3 p.m., the flow of the Piura River is 836 cubic meters per second and it should increase in the next few hours as a large flow comes from the Tambogrande area.

Faced with this situation that endangers the citizens of Piura, the provincial mayor, Gabriel Madrid Orue, inspected the bridge sanchez hillwith the aim of safeguarding the integrity of the people and carriers who use this route.

The provincial authority was accompanied by the municipal director, Jorge Cabellos, the technical secretary of Civil defenseVerónica Cumpa, among other officials.


“What we need is for the government to act as soon as possible, it is important that the population understands that these works are not in the hands of the provincial or district governments. It all depends on the Authority for Reconstruction with Changes,” he said.

It was announced that they were in total 250 households affected and no injuries or fatalities have been reported so far due to the overflow of the river.

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