MIAMI, Fla. – Hialeah police have identified the man who was stabbed to death last Tuesday while sleeping on the couch in a home he shared with other people, one of whom is now charged of this horrible incident.

Authorities said they were slow to provide the identity of the victim because the majority of the family resides in Cuba and this had to be informed beforehand.

Magdiel Suleon, 39, was stabbed by William Carles, 44, who is charged with first degree murder in the death of a man who lived in the same home at 6359 West 16th Avenue in Hialeah.

Hialeah Police Sergeant José Torres explains that “the man (William Carles) waited for the victim to fall asleep on the couch and brutally stabbed him.

According to the report, Williams stabbed him multiple times with a knife as he slept on the couch at home. The victim died at the scene, and the accused then changed his clothes, washed his hands and left the residence in the backyard, where he threw the murder weapon into a gutter.

Witnesses who were in the house at the time of the incident corroborated this version, since the bloody event would have occurred in front of several people.

Authorities remained at the scene for hours as specialist divers searched the channel for the weapon used to commit the crime.

Officers then managed to recover the knife and detain the suspect, who was charged with first degree murder.

Carles, who was located at the scene and taken into custody, confessed to the incident, according to the arrest report, but went to bail court on Wednesday and refused to appear in court.

Some witnesses told Telemundo 51 that Carles was a calm person and they never had any problems with him.

“What we know at the moment is that 5 people were living, none of them are family, they have rented space to live in this house,” Hialeah Police Sgt confirmed, Jose Torres.

Although the arrest report does not mention it, a witness who says he lives in the same residence reported that there was an argument about a woman. “They argued, why? For a woman,” Andy Rodríguez said.

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