CD Projekt RED is relentless in improving the next-gen edition of The Witcher 3. This art is particularly accomplished on consoles, as evidenced by the detailed video comparing version 4.02 to previous releases.

Last December, CD Projekt RED released an improved version of The Witcher 3. Unfortunately, the release of the update was far from perfect, mainly due to poor optimization. The developers rolled up their sleeves and started preparing the necessary fixes.

  • The last of them, numbered 4.02 (later supported by patch)It’s also made its way to current-gen consoles and, according to experts at Digital Foundry, offers the “best experience yet” on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X..
  • This is certainly good news for gamers, but also a huge relief for CDP, as the previous update, patch 4.01, had a very negative impact on frame rates (even in performance mode).
  • The bugs have been fixed, and as the DF footage shows, the fix had a significant positive impact on fps.
  • After testing the title at various points in the game, the Digital Foundry team discovered that performance mode now provides an almost constant frame rate of 60 frames per second (almost, because Novigrad is still a challenge).
  • Things are a bit worse when it comes to ray tracing mode, which can sometimes slow gameplay on consoles to under 30 frames per second.. Therefore, the developers should look into this issue in the future.

In short, Digital Foundry’s analysis shows that after the 4.02 update, the most dramatic change can be seen in XSX, where the number of frames has increased to 10. At the same time, editors point out that the Microsoft device had more problems with higher performance than Sony. platform since the release of the next generation of The Witcher 3.

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