Smalland does not lack mechanics whose knowledge facilitates the gameplay. In this guide, you will learn the best tips and tricks.

Smalland has seen considerable popularity on Steam recently, with players enjoying the satisfying gameplay, sizable world, and challenging battles. The game has many interesting mechanics, and In the following text you will learn the best tips for playing it..

Little tips and tricks

  1. Quick Loot Pickup – To collect items that are on the ground, you must click on each item with the F button, but if hold down the keyit will automatically pick up all nearby objects.
  2. article search – Crafting plays an important role in Smalland and this means that during the game we will have to search for a variety of resources. After pressing the V key, you will get a preview allowing it to detect nearby materials. It also allows you to examine the strengths and weaknesses of nearby opponents.
  3. storm protection – From time to time, the game will tell you that a storm is coming and you need to take shelter. Otherwise, your character will take damage all the time. worth taking something wood and fiber, to place a platform on the ground, a wall and a roof. So you just have to enter the place and check if the word sheltered appears on your character screen.

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  1. choose a fruit – In the world of Smalland, you will occasionally encounter berries. collect them instead of eating, because you need it to do the very useful potions.
  2. explore the world – The world of Smalland is vast and full of dangers. Traveling it on foot can be tedious in the long run, so it is worth having wings. He royal armor has a set, and you can find instructions on how to get it in this guide.
  3. place for a base – A good place to build a shelter is the area where Skadi is. There is good access to materials such as fibre, flint and stone.
  4. object repair – The hardware you are using is damaged and requires hardware to repair. However, if the damage level is lowyou can fix it for free.
  5. Markers on the map – If you come across a location full of resources, mark it on the map so you can find it easily.
  6. Quick return – It’s a good idea to bring the materials needed to create a bed and place it before a boss fight. You will then be reborn on the spot if your character is defeated, so you can quickly resume the fight.

Small and in early access

Smalland is currently in Early Access, so the game is still awaiting many updates. It may turn out that after one of them some tips will become outdated.

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