The catalog of classic games is growing and retro fans should be delighted

For some time now I confess that what I love most about console subscription services is not being able to play with other players from anywhere in the world, no, but the wide catalog of games that can be accessed through them. And the one of nintendo switchis one of them, especially if I consider myself a big fan of retro games.

The Nintendo Switch Online subscription, exponentially increased its catalog based on retro consoles and that, surely many of us, currently enjoy them because, at the time, perhaps we could not have them in our collection. Nowadays, Nintendo Switch received 4 Sega Genesis games by the service of Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack.

These are the 4 Sega Genesis games you can enjoy

Street Fighter 2: Champion Special Edition

If you are a fan of classic fighting games, you are going to have a great time with this improved version of Street Fighter 2. This one features the new Hyper and Champion modes, as well as Group Battle, playing with fighters like M. Bison, Balrog, Sagat, and Vega and, of course, without giving up all 11 speed settings.

child chameleon

This side-scrolling action game is made up of over 100 levels of platforming challenges. As players we will have a total of 9 different helmets in which each of them will give us a special power.

child chameleon 05


In this classic we will play the role of Flicky, a famous secondary character of Sonic The Hedgehog, and our objective will be to save the smallest birds and protect them from a constantly threatening cat.


impulse man

Developed by GameFreak and set in the distant future of 2015, we will have the sole and primary objective of preventing Doc Waruyama from taking over the galaxy while we go to different cities and hack into their computer networks.

pulse man 2000x1270 1

Then I leave you with the trailer for the announcement of these new games and the link with which you can get the Nintendo Switch Online subscription + Expansion Pack in case you don’t have it.

What do you think of these 4 new games? Did you know them? The truth is that I only knew Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition, so it was time to learn more about the other three.

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