Ellie Goulding is one of the musical phenomena of recent years. And his fifth album, “higher than the sky”, one of the most anticipated of this 2023. After more than a year of hard work on the songs, and after several delays in the release date that had its fans biting their nails, the album finally saw the day on April 7, helping to further fuel his international fame.

After these delays in the album release, there were no record label issues, but environmental reasons. And it is that Ellie Goulding takes her commitment to the planet very seriously, and shows it every time she has the opportunity.

As we have already told you in El Eco by LOS40, the interpreter has set himself the goal of minimizing his carbon footprint, which is also reflected in the album: all the editions are made with the maximum recycled material possible: cardboard and recycled paper for the covers and collectibles, recycled vinyl for the vinyl format, recycled plastic for the packaging… A goal that is not simple, since all these materials are not always immediately available, as Ellie herself explained on her social networks.

A firm commitment

Now, and with the album already out, LOS40’s El Eco took the opportunity to ask the author of hits like Miracle, outside oh love me like you do For its most committed facet. Because saving the planet is everyone’s business: artists too.

What does someone like her do to put their grain of sand in this regard? “I don’t eat a lot of meat, which I think is a positive. At most, once a week,” he tells us. “I try to be very aware of the clothes I wear and the brands I buy. I recycle every day. And I buy locally. I think that’s all a good thing to start with,” he says.

Beyond her own daily life, Ellie reflects on the most important change we should all implement in our lives to try to achieve a more sustainable world. “I think today, for today, reducing meat consumption is the most urgent thing for the planet. The relationship between livestock and emissions, deforestation, etc. it’s obvious. Only 1% of mammals on the planet are wild. The rest are humans and livestock. It’s a terrible thing. But there are many other things, such as transport, which play a vital role in climate change. Using sustainable vehicles, such as bicycles, is also a good idea”.

And what about the music industry? How could it be more sustainable? “We should pay attention to the venues and concert halls, they could definitely do more. They could use solar panels, be plastic-free zones, reuse water… Lots of things can be done. As for artists, I think merchandising could also be more sustainable. The packaging of the albums must rely as much as possible on recycling. And travel by the artists themselves should be done by train whenever possible.” Good ideas that everyone should take note of.

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