High school romance, comedy, and more is one of the hottest topics in the anime world.

The anime industry is one that has already represented a thousand and one different stories, combining all kinds of genres in ways that were initially unimaginable. On the other hand, a particularly recurring theme in the various productions is that of locating the protagonists in ‘high school anime’which gave rise to some of the scene’s most memorable stories.

Thus, while always keeping in mind that the list is totally subjective and that other names could perfectly be envisaged (as I will mention at the end of the article), I will group those which can be considered as the 12 best high school anime available.


love It’s something that’s central to all teenage life, and as such”Toradora” is clearly one of the greatest exponents in this sense. With Tora and Taiga we know two characters who, despite the fact that start helping each other to try to build a relationship with ‘the other’s’ friend, in the end they find that the feelings end up blossoming between them. This story is, like few others, one of the clearest examples of quality among high school anime that has flourished in recent years.

  • Release date: October 2, 2008.
  • Number of chapters: 25.
  • Where to watch: Currently not available in Spain (formerly on Netflix).


Hyouka is one of the most peculiar high school anime on the scene

In “Hyouka”, we can also find a much more subtle touch of romance than the story presented by “Toradora”, although what is really interesting in the anime is not so much about it. The story of “Hyouka” revolves around solving a series of everyday mysteries that, at the same time, will investigate the insecurities and secrets of the cast of characters. I have to make a special mention to Chitanda, an incredibly magnetic character. Part of the high school anime, “Hyouka” stands out with a unique essence thanks to a rather peculiar cast of characters.

  • Release date: April 23, 2012.
  • Number of chapters: 22.
  • Where to see: Currently not available in Spain.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo“definitely has a cast of characters that is also very unique. It’s something that’s especially noticeable about Shiina (who always has her head in the clouds), and it’s tempered by that. artistic theme that accompanies the group of main characters throughout the work. As one of the high school anime “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo” retains the usual touches of romance and humor that we see in the vast majority, but it does it again with a unique essence that we don’t find in any other anime from the same group.

  • Release date: October 9, 2012.
  • Number of chapters: 24,
  • Where to see: Currently not available in Spain.

Kimagure Orange Road

Kimagure Orange Road
Kimagure Orange Road is one of the great classics and pioneers of high school anime

One of the great pioneers of high school anime that, on the other hand, also leans on some sci-fi touches. The love story of Kasuga, Madoka and Hikaru is an absolute reference in the panorama, and in turn a must if you’re a fan of the genre (personally, it’s one of my all-time favorite anime and my highlight on this list). Although this anime far exceeds the longevity of most on the listall the situations of humor, romance, drama and even action that follow one another shape a slice of life that lacks nothing.

  • Release date: April 6, 1987.
  • Number of chapters: 48.
  • Where to see: Currently not available in Spain (but under license from Selecta Visión).

Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi no Todoke“Show us the the beauty of not judging by appearances and alike looking beyond what one might find in a person at first sight. This high school anime member also has a great romance story, as well as quite a different art style than usual that sets him apart from most of the list. Similar to “Kimagure Orange Road”, it is slightly longer in length than the rest of the anime on the list, but is also recommended for the positive bumps the story progresses over.


anime of kyoto nichijou
Nichijou, the perfect expression of absurd humor transferred to teenage life

“Nichijou” is… “Nichijou”. Although he may cover it in the high school anime, the truth is that this work stands out with a huge difference from the rest of the mentioned animes. The anime features a constant absurd humor which to this day has left us with some of the most iconic comedy moments in all of Japanese animation history. In “Nichijou” we may not have those undertones of romance that characterize high school anime or that cast of marked role-playing characters, but for what it means to anime, it’s a necessity. absolute in the genre.

  • Release date: April 3, 2011.
  • Number of episodes: 26.
  • Where to see: Currently not available in Spain.


I can’t complete a list of high school anime without mentioning “K-On!“. The group of students we meet in this anime are the ones that will stay with us forever, along with some of the the musical themes that make up the protagonists (ultimately, that’s what it’s all about how they form a high school band). No, in “K-On!” there’s not the slightest hint of romance either, but their little stories (with lots of humor) are some that are fun to watch, especially as they accompany the protagonists through their Japanese high school internship.

  • Release date: April 3, 2009.
  • Number of chapters: 13 (Season 1).
  • Where to see: Currently not available in Spain.

Re: life

Re:Life merges partial isekai elements with regular high school cartoons

Perhaps one of the fanciest stories in the entire high school anime roster is the one brought to you by “Re:Life,” which features nail ‘Second chance‘ to revive the institute and thus emerge into adulthood in a different way from the current one. The concept of “Re:Life”, then, seems closer to that presented by the productions of isekaibut it is its characters, its context and its relationships that make us see that we are facing one of the high school anime that best evokes the sensations of the aforementioned stage.

  • Release date: July 2, 2016.
  • Number of episodes: 13 (Season 1).
  • Where to watch: On Crunchyroll.

Your lie in April

I enter the last straight line of the list and why not, we will give a little drama to the case. Therefore, he couldn’t be missing from this high school anime selection”Your lie in April“. Perhaps this is one of the most bittersweet stories of all high school anime, in which it takes courage to accompany its protagonist on a journey full of hardships. It is precisely for this reason that “Your Lie in April” manages to offer a story that touches everyone’s feelings as closely as possible, whether with its moments of sadness, joy or even musical compositions that will make us vibrate.

  • Release date: October 10, 2014.
  • Number of chapters: 22.
  • Where to see: In AnimeBox.


Orange, one of the most dramatic stories in the high school anime setting

If “Your Lie in April” manages to thrill the viewer with its story, “Orange” is also another production that seeks remove the viewer’s entrails… and he manages to do it satisfactorily on more than one occasion. We also find here more than a bit of science fiction, which fails to tarnish the dramatic core formed around a protagonist who will try to save the life of one of her classmates. If what one is looking for is a high school story that places all progression around the characters consistently, “Orange” is clearly a work to consider.

  • Release date: July 4, 2016.
  • Number of episodes: 13.
  • Where to watch: On Crunchyroll.

Kaguya-sama: Love is war

With “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” we find an anime in which the main theme is clearly romance but, at the same time… no? Basically this anime features constant pushing and pulling between the two leads, Kaguya and Shirogane, and the reason is that they want the other to confess their feelings first. It makes for a whole variety of psych warfare and humorous moments that, in high school anime, really do it like no other.

  • Release date: January 12, 2019.
  • Number of chapters: 12 (Season 1).
  • Where to watch: On Crunchyroll.


horimiya one shot cartoonist
Horimiya, an anime that will bring you a very human romance

In “Horimiya”, we have another brand of high school anime’s house love story. What sets it apart then? so what the relationship established between the two protagonists serves to release their true “I”. On the one hand, it seems that ‘Izumi’ is a ‘dead fly’, but the truth is that she has some pretty crazy secrets. On the other hand, we find Kyouko, who although she seems perfect in high school… the reality is that, like everyone else, she is not so perfect. This is how their relationship will help them understand that after all, everyone is the way they are.

  • Release date: January 10, 2021.
  • Number of chapters: 13.
  • Where to watch: On Crunchyroll.

Honorable mentions

The high school anime theme is so vast that it is certainly It is not possible to fit them all justifiably into a single list of 12 names. This is why people interested in the subject should visit other productions such as the following:

  • Nisekoy
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets
  • Login Kokoro
  • We never learn
  • Fruit basket

Even so, I recommend keeping an eye out for future releases of this setbecause high school anime is a very common resource and one that will no doubt continue to add members over the years.

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