IThe intermediate point of the VCL Rising arrives, the maximum Spanish competition of VALORANT. The LVP-led league reaches its ninth day, and does so tied in the middle table and changes among the persecutors of the leader of the competition, which continues to be UCAM.

University students managed to beat ZETA, and the Queso team took the opportunity to climb the leaderboard. Maximum excitement for a second round that is coming, in a completely unpredictable championship, in which anything can happen.

Uprising Day 9 Summary

The first game of the afternoon pitted Ramboot, who was in mid-table, against KPI, who were looking for another win to reach those spots. Although the first part of the map is completely even, when the robots started their defense, they left no options for KPI, and the result ended up being 13-8.

AYM wanted to repeat their victory from the day before, but Movistar Riders did not allow it. The jockey team ended Superweek with victory in a Lotus which they dominated. On offense, they took an 8-4 lead, and although AYM once again pulled out the gun, they couldn’t stop the Riders from finishing at 13-7.

The third match of the day was the style duel. The winning team will be ranked champion. UCAM didn’t want to fall again, and already in the first team of the split they came out with a 7-5 advantage. ZETA, with his attack, tried to recover, but in the end he couldn’t stop the university students from sealing first place with a score of 13-9.

And ready to capitalize on that loss to ZETA came Team Queso against the Falcons. An incredible attack from the Thinkii team almost settled the game in the first half. The result was 9-3, and The Falcons couldn’t get more than a round in the second, finishing the game 13-4. and leaving the cheeses in second place.

And finally, the classic Rising has arrived, the most decaffeinated of the last splits. The Rebels are unlucky, and yesterday they lost to CASE again. They started with two rounds in their favor, but Juankar’s men’s attack was a steamroller, and at the change of sides, the result was 10-2. Although the Rebels lived up to their name and fought back, they couldn’t stop Casemiro’s men from finishing 13-9.

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