Trophy Titans is the current Ultimate Team event, but there’s less and less time left for TOTS to come to FIFA 23 as Voting for the community team is over and even started the Premier League. But I guess some users would also be waiting for the seventh Prime Gaming envelope. Well it seems like members of this service can already claim it Since his website.

The pack will include seven unique gold players and two +82 player picks, in addition to Cristiano Ronaldo on loan for twenty games (I imagine that will be his golden card). If you are going to redeem it, you can already try your luck with the Trophy Titans or reserve the pack for the TOTS. Even if in the second case, maybe we will have to wait too long because we still don’t know when this party will start.

Other than that, if they keep the style of the other Ultimate Team editions, it would probably be more interesting open the packs when the teams of the season arrive from the main leagues. Because the Community is generally weaker.

Contents of the seventh FIFA 23 Prime game pack

  • Seven unique gold players.
  • Back player chooses player rating +82 or higher.
  • Soft unique consumables.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo loaned for twenty matches.
  • I assume that all content it will not be transferable.
If they maintain the momentum of last year, interesting cards will appear in the community team but the TOTS of the main leagues will be even more powerful. That’s why I wouldn’t open many envelopes until models like the Premier League or LaLiga Santander come out.

Here you have a recommendation to give chemistry to the letters of the Premier League there the post on the best left-backs in the main leagues value for money. And if you want to know when we release content on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, You can subscribe to the Telegram broadcast channel. Good luck!

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