survivors transformed the head of “Pirate Morgan” into an oracle of truth. The candidates had the opportunity to ask him anything, yes, the answer was at the discretion of Fernando Bollo, Manuel and Alma’s grandfather who, in addition, lived a story of reunion.

Everyone came to this corner of the Honduran beach ready to dispel their doubts. However, the answers could only be ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘uncertain’. Of course, the doubts that the survivors had left no one indifferent.

Adara, Ginés Corregüela and Diego Pérez, the first

The first question they asked the oracle comes from Gines Correguela. The king of XXL sandwiches was clear and his question was about if your daughters were well, to which the oracle replied with a “yes”. A response that moved the candidate: “It means great joy to know that they are well, I can’t speak, I miss them.” After that, he also wanted to know if he was a good survivor, to which he also replied “yes”.

From Diegoyour question was about whether with his possible future visit, he would be surprised, to which the oracle replied “it is uncertain”. “Do you think I will be saved this week?” Was his second question, to which again, the answer was “it’s uncertain”.

March He approached the already tearful ‘Pirate Morgan’ chief and explained that more than a question it was also a questiona request to be able to speak with his son“It’s never been done or seen and that’s why I would like to ask if I can have it,” he said, receiving a “it’s uncertain” from the oracle. Faced with the complexity of the questions, Laura Madrueño invited the survivors to ask questions that the oracle could answer: “If my family is proud of the competition I am doing”, she questioned again, “yes” replied Fernando .

Jonan, Raquel Arias and Bosco in front of the oracle

In this second round, Rachel She was the first to face off and she wanted to know “if she’s looking out that she’s giving it her all to be a survivor”. The oracle, without hesitation, said “yes”. the question of boat It wasn’t much different either and he wanted to know “if people like his contest”, which also received a positive response.

From jonathan His question was whether the audience was happy with his contest and, most importantly, the “vegan survival” he is doing, to which with a “yes” from the oracle, he started jumping for happiness.

Questions from Asraf, Manuel Cortés and Alma Bollo

it was time to Ashraf and the contestant wanted to ask him if people saw him as the winner of Survivors 2023, to which the oracle replied with ‘it is uncertain’. Isa Pantoja’s boyfriend reacted to this answer: “He left me the same, I would have liked a yes, but hey.”

The big surprise was taken by Manuel and Alma that, although they did not know that the one who was going to answer this question was their grandfather, they asked it with the same enthusiasm as the others. “Aims to know me in all the facets that my person may have been fulfilled?” Asked his granddaughter, receiving a “yes” in response. From Manual He asked if the public saw him before a possible finalist, to whom the oracle chose to say that “it is uncertain”. After that, there was an emotional reunion.

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