Sunday yes and Sunday too, from 3:30 p.m., the afternoons of The sixth are with The rock. However, this Sunday the presenter was not on the other side of the small screen and in her place was Juan del Val. Her husband did not want to start the magazine without first explaining the reason why Nuria Roca had been absent of his own program, which he has been leading for a year and a half.

“Tomorrow is a public holiday throughout Spain, the day after tomorrow in Madrid, and here we are all at the foot of the canyon. Well, everyone except Nuria. She’s pachucha, she says, because… Do you remember the last time he missed was also a long weekend?“, joked Del Val. And it is that, although his absence this week is not surprising, because he did not take his place in the political rally of the anthillwas also absent on December 4, although this time it was due to being infected with the coronavirus,

After this short break, the commentators gave free rein to their humor and began with the jokes. “Every time you present, we put the header ‘The Husband’, but please don’t present anymore,” Berni Barrachina said with a laugh. To get rid of the one that had fallen on him, Juan messed up the clothing of his companions: “Nuria does not come and you dress in any way.”

between jokes and laughter, Juan counterattacked again: “Nuria took the bridge, but the stylist of Atresmdia too”, he said, adding: “A kiss, Nuria, heal a lot. Sunday we want to see you here after the bridge and all that. J can’t wait to take off my jacket already”.

A talk show says goodbye to the program

But it seems that the program The rock It was not the only novelty that we had prepared for this Sunday. Nuria will take over the reins of the program in a week, however, who cannot say the same will be April Zamora.

The collaborator admitted that the program of this April 30 would be the last in which she would be present: “It’s my last Sunday. I’m really sorry to have to leave, but, jo, it’s been a very positive experience for Je am very grateful to everyone, especially Nuria,” he said with apparent nerves.

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