Come and go. Direct and indirect. Mentions here and mentions there. This is how we could define the last concerts of anuel aa with whom he managed to revolutionize all his fans, and it’s not for less!. since its launch Richer than yesterdaya song with urban sounds loaded with hidden messages that have not gone unnoticed, the artist has been honored and each verse has been carefully analyzed. Is it an indirect to your ex Karol G?

Since then, the Puerto Rican has continued to fuel rumors. At the verse of “You are not Shakira nor me Pique”, he then joined: “Men don’t cry, men charge”, but the thing did not stop there and during his last concert, he ruined everything again.

In the concert he gave that same Sunday, took another step and changed the lyrics of Richer than yesterday: What did he do? Well, in the original verse that says, “Could it be that the boyfriend left her?” the artist edited it and said, “Could it be that Feid left her? A few words that quickly received the cries of the public.

It is not the first time

Just a month ago, a video in which Feid and Karol G were seen at Medellín airport went viral on the networks. Like any rumor, it didn’t take long to spread like wildfire and thus managed to fuel rumors of a possible relationship between the two artists. Something that looks like Anuel AA wasn’t very amused.

The way to respond to his latest controversies, albeit subtly, was to take My exxxa song by Wisin that the Puerto Rican joined that talks about a reconciliation between exes, giving a new opportunity to love and a vote of confidence to that person with whom you have shared part of your life.

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