Since 2020, Telecinco has created the first edition of island of temptations There have already been six episodes of the couples-testing reality show.

They’ve been there before 64 duets (by deleting ‘The Last Temptation’ which had already repeated faces) who wanted to live the experience together, but not everyone came out of it hand in hand. In fact, only a minority succeeded.

Afterwards We’ve compiled the few couples who, to this day, continue their relationship after parting ways hand in hand of one of the hardest formats for love:

Hugo and Lara, The Island of Temptations 3

Hugo and Lara were already 4 years old when they entered the program as a last resort because she didn’t trust him. The fame he had achieved with Big brother He had shaken their relationship several times and the Galician wanted to put it to the test.

A move that went better than expected, since he was one of the boyfriends that his partner missed the most during his experience. So much so that in the end he asked her to marry him.

Now they are still together, as an influencer couple, with travels, poses, vans and nature around them.

Marina and Jesus, ‘Island of Temptations 3’

It is true that Marina and Jesus they left separately from the last bonfire. She later begins a relationship with Isaac, her tempter, but he ends up breaking it off to try Lucía who they are already related to.

So Marina and Jesus They gave each other a second chance and have been together ever since. But with its comings and goings. Indeed, she explained a few days ago in her networks, that they are going through a “crisis” marked by the incessant discussions on coexistence.

Alejandro and Tania, ‘Island of Temptations 4’

Alejandro and Tania were one of the format’s most memorable couples. The two entered with no doubt that they would be the couple to set an example for the rest, but it wasn’t like that and they suffered like few others on the island.

At the final bonfire, they decided to leave alone. She decided it more. But Back in the real world, they reunited and gave each other another chance. Since then, they have been regular collaborators in the Mediaset universe and in the networks, they share their life together.

Dario and Sandra, ‘Island of Temptations 4’

Darío and Sandra didn’t have a big conflict during their time in the format, but they decided to leave alone to start a new life.

But with time, She explained that she wanted to win him back because she realized he was the man of her life. They are now expecting their first child together.

Andreu and Paola, ‘The island of temptations 5’

Andreu and Paola were the only couple of the fifth edition to have decided to leave hand in hand. After the extreme suffering of the Catalan, more because of her imagination than what she did, the two hit it off and now they have been together for over 3 years.

Adrián and Naomi, ‘Island of Temptations 6’

Against all odds, after cheating on the reality show and starring in one of the toughest bonfires: the two appeared together on the reunion with Sandra Barneda.

They assured that they were in “their best time”, that they had left behind what had happened and that they were not even talking about it. But we will have to see what time says to confirm all these words.

Manuel and Lydia, The Island of Temptations 6

Manuel and Lydia are among those couples who follow the program by giving lessons in healthy love, trust and above all communication. There were things they missed, but they knew how to fix them, understand and love each other.

For what they left the island together and came back together talk to Sandra about her plans for the future.

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