Although for some of us it seems like yesterday when we spent our summer mornings lying on the couch enjoying episodes of Malcolm in the middle, the reality is that this iconic Fox series turns 17 out of circulation on May 16, 2023 after remaining on the air continuously for six seasons in Spain and the United States.

And that’s it, Malcolm in the middle was the great television company of an entire generation that grew up watching young Malcolm manage his brothers Dewey, Reese, Fancis and later also Jamie and with their parents, the characters of Los and Hal who gave life to Jane Kaczmarek and Bryan Cranstron; and along the way he saw the actors who played his favorite characters grow up along with them.

But what happened to the boy who brought Malcom to life at the end of this iconic series? Here we tell you everything we found out about the new life of Frankie Muniz, a man who at the moment he is already 37 years old and that after Malcolm in the middle, didn’t do much else in the acting world until finally he focused on a passion that has nothing to do with acting: motorsport.

Erik Per Sullivan and Frankie Muniz in 2002. / Frank Micelotta Archives – Getty Images

Frankie Muniz, NASCAR ARCA Menard Series driver

After the dismissal Malcolm in the middle, Frankie Muniz’s film and television career didn’t quite take off. Although he has always remained connected to acting in one way or another, his roles after playing the iconic character Malcom have been episodic except for a few occasions.

Muniz left little Malcom behind years ago and focused all his energy on his true passion, driving. And it is that since in 2004, at just 18 years old, he took the wheel of a racing car for the first time at the Long Beach Grand Prix somewhat by chance, the actor has been clear on the make that adrenaline and speed were his thing.

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Frankie Muniz in April 2022. / effrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Since then, Muniz has not separated from motor racing, participating for years in races of different levels until last January 2023 when he announced that finally, at 37, he was going to devote himself entirely to the race to participate in the ARCA Menard. Series of NASCAR, the second most popular automobile category in the United States.

Since then, the now professional driver has continued to achieve success, even leading the competition thanks to his work with members of the Ford team.

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Frankie Muniz and his wife, Page Price. / James Gilbert/Getty Images

But that’s not all, in his spare time Muniz dedicates himself to music, another art that has captivated his heart for years thanks to his great connection with the drums.

a familiar boy

On a personal level, Frankie Muniz achieved everything he dreamed of. The actor and racing driver married his girlfriend of four years, Page Price, in February 2020, and they haven’t separated for a moment since.

The couple embarked on the journey of opening an olive oil selling business together and also came together to shape their biggest project yet: the son they had in March 2021. and who is now, along with Page, Frankie’s biggest fan at the races.

The darkest chapters in the life of Frankie Muniz

But not everything has been bright in Frankie Muniz’s life since his departure Malcolm in the middle. The actor has experienced several episodes of darkness throughout his life, among which he stands out as suffering from amnesia.

The actor publicly admitted in 2017 that due to the large number of accidents he had suffered in the past – according to him, he detailed to People between the ages of 7 and 32, he had suffered nine concussions and between 2006 and 2017, he had broken 38 bones – had health issues, which led to hundreds of headlines stating that the actor was suffering from amnesia.

However, according to the American press in 2021, the actor would have denied having memory loss. According tobetween 2012 and 2013, he suffered several strokes derived from accidents in races, but this would not have led to amnesia, otherwise migraines with aura. Frankie then argued that the reason he remembers little about filming Malcolm in the middle it’s just that he was very small and didn’t pay much attention to detail at the time.

Additionally, in 2011, Frankie hogged dozens of negative headlines following a heated argument with then-partner Elycia Turnbow, who came to the press after Phoenix police turned themselves in several days. later at the actor’s to confiscate a gun.

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Frankie Muniz and Elyica Marie at a premiere in 2013. / Getty Images

According to Turnbow, Muniz allegedly pointed the finger at him by threatening to kill himself in a tense moment. But he denied the facts. In his version, he himself gave the weapon to the police as a security measure. although that has nothing to do with what happened.

Anyway, it was over. However, what caused a real disaster in Muniz’s life was what happened in 2018 when he traveled to France to attend the funeral of one of his uncles. And it is that, with him far from home, her cat took the opportunity to roam free and ended up causing a severe flood after opening one of the taps that was leaking water for several days…

The actor and his partner, already Paige at the time, had to do work in the house to renovate the floor, the furniture and all the walls. Come on, the cat was left alone and gave them a good one! Of course, they took advantage of the construction days to run away and get married in secret a year before celebrating their official wedding!

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