From the first “butterflies” in the belly to the sharpest stab in the heart… how many times have you used songs to try to put words to the love situation you were going through? Getting over a breakup is never easy, so we bring you an emerging pop artist who will soon sneak in playlist that you listen to while staring intently out of the car window or singing at the top of your lungs during road trip.

Her name is Rodri Ayaso and this 2023 took its first steps alone. However, he already has over six years of experience in the industry. He boarded as half of the duo Fugaz in 2017 with songs like The window and the namesake Fleeting. In addition, in the midst of a pandemic, he participated, with 34 other artists, in the theme I want to hold you in my arms, when this is all over for the Yo Me Corono initiative, which sought to raise funds to develop an effective vaccine against the Coronavirus.

This year, Rodri forged his own path with Good luck as a cover letter. After this release, he unveils a series of compositions which represent the different phases of an escape. came first Supernaturalwhich symbolizes the confusion behind the jug of cold water which means ending a relationship.

And now, undo me, which comes to manifest the stage of denial: you don’t want to accept that the person you love is no longer by your side and, precisely because of that, you don’t want to get rid of all their stuff, imagine spending the summer alone, even less calling them ex .

This last single was composed by the performer himself with jonathan burt (from Meler) and Never will ; and produced by Andrés Terron and Pablo Estrella, two trusted figures for Ayaso. And contrary to what the song says, who has something to tell you – specifically 40 facts about himself – is Rodri Ayaso himself.

40 things about Rodri Ayaso, by Rodri Ayaso

1. Full name: Rodrigo Delgado Ayaso.

2. Year and city of birth: 1997, Madrid.

3. Why Rodri Ayaso? It’s my second surname. I don’t deny the first one, but Ayaso seemed cooler to me.

4. What was your first contact with music? From an early age, my father showed me the carnivals of Cadiz on television and when I was 2 years old I went to piano lessons with my mother. (I sat on his lap).

5. When did you know you wanted to do it? Really when I sat on real drums.

6. The song you wish you had composed: September, of earth, wind and fire; oh Polar by Michael Jackson.

7. A music genre you would never get into: I don’t think I’m opposed to any style. Everything can be returned.

8. A favorite artist and/or artist: Let Them Live: Bruno Mars and Beyoncé.

9. The music you listened to at home as a child: Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Michael Jackson…

10. A song you’re obsessed with right now: It smells like meby Charlie Puth.

11. The one you hate to hear right now: Shine.

12. Artist or artist you would like to collaborate with: So… but now in Spain I really like what Pablo Rouss is doing.

13. Is this a dream or a reality? Right now I’m dreaming… but we have something unresolved.

14. The musician who is in your contact book and who excites you: Victor Elias.

15. If you weren’t a singer, you would be… Designer or pilot.

16. Music for you is… Magic.

17. Favorite hobby or sport: I don’t really have a favorite sport… I like going to the gym to cool off.

18. A moment in your life that you would like to repeat: When I first played in the auditorium of San Sebastián de los Reyes, where I come from

19. What you would say to little Rodri: Let him travel much earlier and soak up all the music he can and be calm. Oh! And I would say, “Buy Bitcoin”.

20. The social network that hooks you the most: ICT Tac.

21. A life lesson that changed yours: Plan A has no plan B.

22. Something you can’t stand that makes you sick: Cables and the visual mess they generate.

23. A phrase you repeat often: I’m hungry haha

24. Something about you that very few people know: I am allergic to tomatoes.

25. A movie you love or that defines you: The Lion King.

26. Something you suck at: Wait… I have little patience.

27. Something (or someone) you’re obsessed with: Now with my friends we are super addicted to board games (Rummykub for example).

28. Your personality: Outgoing, passionate and a perfectionist.

29. Your fondest childhood memory: At the beach with all my family.

30. A childhood toy (or game): A toy battery and a stuffed monkey.

31. What you miss: To my grandparents.

32. Something you regret: If you hadn’t traveled much more.

33. Your favorite word: sugared almond

34. A mania: Oh my God, I have several… but for example when I’m driving, I grit my teeth every time I see a line on the road… it’s hard to explain hahaha.

35. Tattoos (how many do you have and your favorite): 29 (I had to count them lol). My favorite is the silhouette of my mother’s face

36. A hidden pleasure (something you’re embarrassed to admit you like): Pffff the fries at any time. I think I might even eat for breakfast hahaha…

37. The most surreal thing that has happened to you in your career: For a video clip, I bought an 1869 piano at 50€ and between 6 guys we couldn’t take it down the stairs. We called a transport company and between two very wonderful and super small guys they lowered it without any effort hahaha they laughed at us and in addition they did not use it later.

38. If you had to title your next song, it would be… Mmmmm… What happened?

39. Challenges ahead: Make more and more songs every day. I would love to have some sync in a movie or series, so I can cross the pond with my music… and play play and play!!!!!

40. If you weren’t Rodri Ayaso and you met him for the first time (in the networks or on a TikTok), what would you think of him? “Ehhhhhh how cool this guy is!!! I’m going to follow him ;)” hahahaha.

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