The eleventh edition of Chef Not only is it XXL format-wise, but it seems like all the issues are getting bigger and the clashes, blames, and eliminations are taking their toll. Culinary talent compels contestants to be at the base of the canyon from minute one, and of course, that sometimes takes its toll.

During this Monday’s gala there was a new clash in the kitchens of the show La 1 on TVE. This time, the protagonists were Merce, Camino and Luca, and the reason was none other than a joke that went wrong and did not please Merce, who was very hurt with her teammates.

All this anger comes from the house where the applicants live, but the bad vibes and the tension reached the kitchens of the set and it is inevitable that the judges did not find out everything that happened. The person responsible for telling what happened was Merce with a pullita: “I assure you that it is less spicy than a soup they gave me the other day”, he said. commented as the jury criticized one of his dishes. The soup was not going for Merce, but for Laura, however, it ended up in the wrong hands: “There was another person who laughed out loud all weekend,” he said looking at Luca.

But that wasn’t the only discussion. Ofelia and Eneko They also clashed in the kitchens, this time it all started when Ofelia discovered that her partner was a Gemini and it all got worse when Eneko noticed that the former participant wanted to give her opinion all the time: “That’s my set, aunt,” she even said. The pair played in a tense moment as they couldn’t come to an agreement, but when the best of the test was chosen, the pair made peace.

Another elimination by another new competitor

Like every show, this one also resulted in another eviction. This time the chosen one was Laura, who did not hit the nail on the head either in the elimination round or in the second chance. He faced a ceviche, a product that is not from Mexico, but from Peru. Yet the contestant changed on the fly and told the judges it was an aguachile. They and Merche and Jhota were on a tightrope, but in the end it was her who was kicked out.

Laura’s departure brought with it a new aspirant, Claudia. The 38-year-old Italian considers that she has always been the black sheep of her family and admits that as soon as she arrived in Spain, she fell in love with the country. He now becomes a candidate for Master Chef 11, one of the goals of his life. Will he make it to the final?

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