UCAM continues, one more day, clinging to the first position. Those of Aer0z continue ahead of the rest of the teams, despite having no more bullets in the chamber to save them. After losing yesterday against Ramboot, they have multiplied the teams looking to overtake them.

Team Queso is no longer just second. The beating that CASE Esports took on the cheeses led them to even and pass them in the standings. Also robots join this second group, because they outperformed university students. From now on, it’s only worth winning if they want to continue first.

A day of the upper part against the lower part

The eleventh day of the VCL Rising promises to be very important. The fight for the top spots will be judged by those with the least say, usually those below. With the exception of Ramboot-ZETA, the rest of the games involve a Playoff team against one that is not.

We will start the afternoon with a AYM who must give a new direction to the season, but who will have in front of him a badass, CASE Esports. Later, Falcons try, taking advantage of yesterday’s good feelings, to hit Movistar Riders who can get them out of the Playoffs.

This move could be used by KPI, in a confrontation which seems complicated to them since they face Team Queso. AT 8:00 p.m. we will live the ZETA-Ramboo, only to fight between two playoff teams, and to succeed, the first classified will have to resume the path of victory against the Rebels.

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