After a day’s break, another week begins in the afternoons of Antena 3. Turkish hit series, Original sin, who sweeps the public, returns to his show like every afternoon from 5.30 p.m. The fate of the protagonists of this fiction is a mystery that leaves us in doubt every day.

The story of three very different women who pursue the same goal; fight to get what they want, cross the screen and public “breaks records” as they underline from the string. Not only the main plot is the one that hooked us, but also the interest aroused by the secondary characters.

In LOS40, we’re bringing you a preview of what’s to come in the week-long Chapters of May 2-5, 2023:

Overview of today’s chapter Original sin

Nerves and tension will play a trick on Alihan who is very upset after finding out what happened with Halit. For his part, Ender will receive some photographs from Yildiz’s past that he will not like. This will inspire them to start investigating who might have sent them.

Advance ‘Original Sin’. / Antenna 3

Yildiz’s mother is becoming less and less comfortable in the mansion and is beginning to feel that she is not welcome at home, so it will become increasingly clear that she wants to leave. Yildiz at this, will complain to Halit about his behavior. Moreover, Yildiz will catch up that she is not feeling well: she will have cramps and cramps and will ask the driver to take her to the hospital.

After that, Yildiz will come home in a sea of ​​tears and tell Halit that she lost the baby, blaming him for her abortion for all the trouble he gave her. The young woman will be sad and alone. For her part, Halit is going to buy an apartment for her mother to go live there and thus compensate for the damage caused.

Other Turkish series in Spanish

The phenomenon of Turkish fiction has taken hold and, among other titles currently on the air, in addition to Original sinit is also Siblings. However, the infinite number of series in Spain pushes the number to over 60, whether subtitled in Spanish or dubbed.

But if you are still one of those who also like to consume series in streaming, you can also watch them on demand on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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