The new saga around the character of Batman in the face of Robert Pattinson You might already have your villain for the second installment. The sequel has been confirmed for a few months and the production team is making great strides for its release in October 2025 and one of them would refer to the enemy of The Batman: Clay face.

A character that has undergone a long evolution since its first appearance in the various comics in which the Batman has been the protagonist. And it finally looks like he’s going to get his starring role in a big movie production. Now we just need to know more details about how they present this character.

I’m sure we won’t have to wait for the October 3, 2025 to find out all the details about this vigilante nemesis in The Batman 2. And according to Deadline, that might not be the only enemy Pattinson has during the film.

In this sequel, we’ll see some of the villains from the original installment again, but with Clayface as the central rival. His powers to transform his clay body into different shapes will surely not make things easier for our hero.

The original villain was called Bill Finger and he was a notorious actor who used the alias and even disguised himself from a role he had in a horror movie in order to launch a career as a criminal. For the decade of 1950, a Clayface of a completely different origin was created, as it was a treasure hunter named Matt Hagen, who gained his powers by exposing himself to radioactive materials. While the following Clayfaces (Preston Payne and Sondra Fuller) gained their powers through science and technology, one to cure his degenerative disease and the other for terrorist purposes.

According to the producer, the person in charge of bringing the second part of this new saga around the figure of Bruce Wayne to the big screen will be director Matt Reeves, who will once again pass behind the camera. Nothing strange if you take into account that with the first installment they managed to collect 750 million dollars at the box office.

Its strong performance motivated the confirmation of the sequel and also several spin-offs, albeit long-term as seen with its premiere in two and a half years. A date that seems very distant but is not, especially considering that the task of pre-production, filming and post-production will occupy a good part of this time until his arrival. on the big screen. In addition, it must be said that HBO will present in this period the spin-off on The Penguin with Colin Farrell.

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