The Caballero brothers’ series already knows what its future will be: canceled? Or renewed?

One of the best Spanish comedies of recent times is The villageseries created by knight brothers that of the first chapter improved the monotonous La que se avecina. However, public support has always been less intense than for the sequel. There’s no one living hererather due to the lack of promotion and constant fluctuations in the programming of Telecinco.

Now that the fourth season has started in The VillageIt’s time to ask yourself the million dollar question. Is The Village season 5 confirmed? Or has the comedy created by the Caballero brothers been fired forever?

Will there be season 5 of The Village?

  • Although the fourth season aired last Friday, April 14, 2023, We already know what the future of comedy will be.
  • There will be no season 5 of El pueblo because the Caballero brothers designed the fourth as the last.
  • This information applies to both First video how Telecincochannel to broadcast on The village in open.

When do the rest of El pueblo seasons air on Telecinco?

That’s a great question, because Telecinco aired the first two seasons of The village, but the third one has been stored in a drawer for months. The drop in audience between the first and the second causes Mediaset’s main channel doesn’t know when to air more chaptersall this despite the fact that The fourth and final season of The Town can also be seen now on Prime Video. Worse? The more time passes, the more people will be able to see it in full streaming, so the harder the drop in viewers will be…

The city ended on Prime Video, but the third and fourth seasons remain undated on Telecinco

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