It is not the first time that the tension in Master Chef 11 It seems to cross the screen. During the first week of this new XL edition, we have already seen the first frictions between the competitors… Some disagreements which seem not to have been completely resolved after what happened on Monday, where there were three protagonists: an ice cream, a “chorizo” there Lucas.

In the first show of the week, the seventh of this season, the contestants had to overcome the eviction challenge of the day: replicate the Alaska pie. A dessert that requires skill and cake, meringue and ice cream.

The event was already complicated in itself since the competitors of Master Chef 11 They had no recipe, but they had to throw the head. But it all came crashing down when the black aprons realized that the ice cream was missing. It was when they went to the blast chiller to get the product.

Luca had three boats, Ana had two more, but Marta only had one. “One is missing”, she alerted in the kitchen. And when she saw that one of her colleagues, Luca, kept opening the blast chiller, to which she asked him to stop; something that did not like tick tock“Okay, Marta, honey, but I have to control my ice cream. You can be very selfish sometimes.”

Marta, for her part, assured that she had placed three boats of this product; while the rest of the rivals claimed it wasn’t them and the jury couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them: “There’s a brothel here…”.

Ana charges Luca: “If it’s a chorizo…”

While they were preparing the food, Jordi Cruz He had to step in so things didn’t get out of control, although when evaluating Luca’s dish, the chef wanted to know what had happened: “What happened to the ice cream?”.

“I can guarantee the ice cream was made by me. Marta’s certainly isn’t,” he replied immediately. As a defense, the tick tock He pointed out that Ana was the last to open the fridge, but she insisted it was her cans and lashed out at her partner: “If it’s a sausage, it’s not my fault”.

“It’s an involuntary withdrawal”, commented Marta in turn so as not to aggravate the problem. “Is it kidnapping, robbery or robbery?” asked Pepe Rodríguez in general.

Faced with this crossroads of accusations, Luca was content to reply: “Here, the only thing that can tell the truth are the cameras. They can’t accuse me if they don’t know the truth. I have nothing more to say.”

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