Tamara Beanie She was always questioned about her physical appearance. Above all, since his marital crisis and the fall into depression, he has lost a lot of weight, which shows us a very lean physique.

But she stays out of what the whole world thinks and publishes what she sees fit. One of her latest bikini photos caused a stir and it is that showing his body has aroused a critical reaction.

  • And you criticize Georgina? But if you’re super ridiculous…
  • I love everything you do… but I think this photo is not very accurate, you look extremely skinny, and I think with all the young girls following you, this photo doesn’t is not very precise. Take care of yourself
  • Támara, you could remove this photo because it does not suit you at all, you are too skinny and it does not suit you
  • Seriously, someone help you, this photo is not for publication, besides you look proud, you are not well
  • You have to eat a little more tamarita, huh… There are fewer malnourished children than you in Somalia.
  • This girl thing is not an example, take care girl, it’s a shame to see you.


Once again, the debate on the influence of these girls on young people and the responsibility they have with them has been reopened. Tamara didn’t stop and answered. First, he posted a warning sentence: “Pay attention to the pointing, it can damage”.

Then, he shared a video that responds to all these comments. “Being fat or thin can be a choice, but it can also be a problem. AND Nobody has an obligation to have to explain why he is like that. Be careful because your words can cause a lot of damage and prolong the fight against this problem,” he said.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s to show myself as I amwith my pros and cons, and not having to explain why,” he continued.

“I know my physical condition and obviously who I want to know and should know. I’m not hurt, but when a commotion like this is generated, the easiest thing is to talk and that’s it. Be careful because you can offend, you don’t know what this person is going through, ”he tried to make the most critical think.

“If you’re fat because you want to be, great, as long as you’re healthy and it doesn’t affect you. If you’re slim because you want to be, great, as long as you’re healthy and it doesn’t affect you. But if you have a problem you need to ask for help, as in anything else. You should never get carried away, ”he continued to reflect.

deluge of criticism

But, despite his words, the criticism did not stop and many continued to debate his physical condition and appearance.

  • You are a public image and your body is not thin, it is skeletal… and you can be an example for girls and create diseases… think before showing yourself
  • Being extremely thin (whether caused by a problem or not), can create a problem for those young people who are trying to look like you/as public figures.
  • Are you embarrassed by your thinness and you download a sweating video on a tape? I supported you but I see you as very intelligent, you lengthen your sentence a lot and I see inconsistencies, stop playing the role of victim, many of us have mental disorders and things here do not correspond to me
  • You put yourself in eggplant. I believe that the publication of this photo does not benefit you, on the contrary it hurts you. The criticisms are very harsh and of course I do not share them, think about it before exposing yourself again. Sincerely.
  • Based on the principle that no one’s body should be judged, whether you expose yourself or not, the comparison with grossophobia is unfair.

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