What a fright the followers of Prince Royce see the latest photographs he has published in which he can be seen on a hospital stretcher with numerous cables across his chest. He himself explained what happened.

“This week has been quite difficult for me. gave me an allergic reaction“, he reported. One more to add to the many allergy sufferers who are suffering a lot this spring. Of course, he has not yet specified what type of allergy is the one that produced such a reaction.

In another of the photographs we could see the huge rash that appeared on her back. The reel ended with another photo of a stretcher, already more salvaged.

Apparently he was recording the voice of pepper when he started to feel bad had to be hospitalized. He did not confirm exactly what day it happened or how long he had to stay in bed.


“I would like to thank my colleagues and the production of The Voice Chile for their patience and professionalism as well as the Hospital of Chile for their attention… Thank God I already feel much better and I hope to complete all the projects for this week. I love you all very much. “, he ended up saying.

So it seems like it’s all been a scare. Now he will have to collect the recordings of the musical talent and check if he will be able to participate, as planned, in the gala of the Latin American Music Awards of this Thursday.

Of course, there was no shortage of messages of support from many of their colleagues, worried about what happened.

  • Maluma:
  • Wisin: Blessing brother
  • Jay Wheeler:
  • Guayna:
  • Llane: partner ready for Mejórate!
  • Beto Cuevas: It will be fine, dear brother! It’s a pleasure for me and for all of us to have you as a coach and this experience at @thevoicechilevision has given us this beautiful friendship. Respect and admiration
  • Daniel Santacruz: Get well soon brother

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