We never tire of thanking the listeners who log on every Saturday to #Del40al1CocaCola, but this April 19, we have a special reason to express our gratitude: according to the latest data from the General Media Study (EGM), You are already 1,673,000 to be part of this big family.

The figure assumes an increase of 140,000 listeners compared to the previous wave of the AGE and makes us even more weekend leaders regarding music radio in Spain.

The fantastic rise in audience joins the one we are also celebrating at LOS40. The channel is experiencing its best data since 2014, with 3,382,000 daily listeners, which consolidates its triumphant and historic leadership in Spanish music radio.

So thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who every weekend tunes into the program led and presented by Tony Aguilar to enjoy reviewing the new roster and all of our sections. You are what motivates us every week to maintain the spark after so many years and the illusion of transmitting positive energy, good vibes and all our love, which is huge. So 1,673,000 thanks, family!

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