Multiple people were shot Tuesday morning at a subway station in Brooklyn, New York , the city’s fire department said.

In the place there are people attending to bloodied passengers lying on the floor of the station.

City police said they were responding to reports of people injured by gunshots or an explosion.

What happened on the New York subway?

At the 36th Street station in Brooklyn, a subject opened fire and there would be at least five people wounded by gunshots, in addition to eight additional. The 13 were taken to hospitals near the area and no deaths have been reported.

Multiple explosive devices were also found , which have already been deactivated by police and firefighters.

The events occurred on the corner of 36th Street and 4th Avenue in Brooklyn , less than three miles from Barclays Center, where the NBA Nets play, one block from The Green Wood Cemetery, near Prospect Park and one block from from the marina, from where you can see the Statue of Liberty.

How many wounded and dead are there in the New York subway shooting?

The first official reports indicate that five people were shot at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn. According to the fire department, 13 people were injured, but did not give further details.

According to multiple law enforcement sources, preliminary information indicates that a suspect fled wearing a construction vest and gas mask.

What to do in case of a shooting?

Events like the one that happened in New York are unpredictable and decisions have to be made in a matter of seconds. CNN, citing information from the UK’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NACTSO), mentions that the recommendation is to run or hide behind solid bricks or heavily reinforced walls.

The recommendations are to run to get away from the danger zone, hide to have more protection from other objects so as not to be hit by bullets, and tell as many details as possible to law enforcement when they arrive at the site.

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