Shakira’s mother is rushed to hospital and they report on her condition

Shakira’s mother is rushed to hospital and they report on her condition

Another blow in the life of Shakira. Although it seems that the one from Barranquilla can now breathe easily. His mother Nidia Ripoll was admitted in emergency on Friday March 17, after suffering a thrombosis in one of her legs.

As Telemundo revealed, The singer’s mother was not feeling well, so they decided to go to a medical center in Barcelona to do the appropriate tests and thus find a diagnosis. Ultimately, the result was thrombosis, which prevents blood from flowing properly through her body.

But there is good news about it. As Shakira’s brother Tonino revealed, her mother is “already doing well.” “Everything is fine, very fine,” he replied to the journalist from the driver’s seat of his car. Moreover, the program And now Sonsoles revealed that Nidia has already left the hospital and is recovering at home with the love and support of her loved ones.

Shakira’s mother’s sudden income comes at a time characterized by her father William Mebarak’s health issues. And it is that after suffering a fall last summer, William underwent emergency surgery. Besides, Apparently, they detected blood clots in his brain, which would require him to undergo surgery to deal with this neurological condition.

This comes just when the interpreter of Monotony He is about to move permanently to Miami, so he had to briefly and temporarily interrupt his plans to devote himself one hundred percent to the health of his mother. Fortunately, Nidia is almost fully recovered and her daughter will be able to pursue her goal of establishing her new life outside of Spain.

But he also enters one of the best professional scenes of Shakira, who a few days ago visited Jimmy Fallon on his show and broke four Guinness records with his collaboration with Bizarrap. The successes are raining down!

From LOS40 we want to send all our encouragement to the singer and her mother.

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